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Break through the limit of drawing film
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The person that the film that draw a look is machined is used to the market 5 years every breaking up time. Market demand from annual 250 million pound rises 500 million pound, before coming 5 years nearly, become market of fashionable of 5 drawing film when, colophony demand stability is controlled in 1.4 billion pound. But in going two years, stability of demand of drawing film colophony is controlled in 1.4 billion pound. Drawing film has 65 about, 70% delay film to flow, majority uses as the machine packages data, and 30, 35% to blow film, majority uses as commodity handiwork is packed, still a few use as the special type thin coating with expensive puncture resistance.

The competition of filmy domain is right the market has the brutal contention of rate. The profit of processing factory home often has every pound only zero cent. Only those are developing it seems that and the manufacturer of North America treatment of reinvest is producing the new-style film of much number of plies.

When 5 drawing film is introduced in 90 time metaphase, it was replaced a large number of by already the monolayer that Xi LLDPE comprises or three-layer film. It needs machine of the 4th crowded model offers makings desk with 5, allow to use cheaper Ding Xi LLDPE, it is You Maojin belongs to the layer propping up of LLDPE material to increase. 5 typical structures may be A, B, C, B, A mode, contain of 10% already Xi LLDPE surface layer, the MLLDPE surface lower level of 20% , and the layer of core of Ding Xi LLPED of 40% .

Filmy drawing machine becomes bigger, manufacturing rate also rises as number of plies. The standard 5 years ago is the roller of 5 20`` and three-layer. Now is 6 roller mix 5. Have in all drawing film that North America produces 5 drawing now 40% strong, luxuriant metal resinous is used already by the blank 1995, grow to occupy drawing film to use all LLDPE of 12% .

But MLLDPE price is high, majority of the person that machine so is rely on 7 or 9, fall in a few circumstances, form more high-powered film. For example business of production of 7 drawing film all thinks their product can replace number of plies little relatively thick film, and won't sacrifice bear retains ability.

In the past in a few years, what North America area installs is all stream delay drawing film product line to had been designed to be used at layer or 5 more layer film. They create the record that gives number of plies, it is 7 above all, it is 9 next. Treatment business and machine manufacturer are being talked about now 11, 14, even 70.

A few manufacturer are cut off function and realize small layer of technology of piece of feed in raw material commercialize, but drawing film also is a kind of application. They can produce ply with dust (1 dust =0.0001 micron) for the unit, perhaps be the of one thousandth layer with deep film. The person that machine has fun at to this, but return nobody to have a test.

Number of plies is increasing
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