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New technology defeats PVC of law of solution calcium carbide to produce difficu
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The crucial factor that perplexes quality of polyvinyl chloride product all the time -- purity of chloric ethylene monomer, as at present new-style and efficient detached technology is in technological process of polyvinyl chloride production uses calcium carbide method mediumly, already but from 99.8% raise 99.99 % above, increased the industrial product value of polyvinyl chloride greatly. At present this new technology already passed achievement appraisal, and by home tens of suit buy are used successfully. In law of calcium carbide of current our country polyvinyl chloride occupies the circumstance with countrywide output much in part to fall, this efficient and detached new technology has promotion value more. This is the information that the reporter will get from university of Beijing chemical industry on Feburary 12.
In recent years, the abidance of international oil price rises make polyvinyl chloride produces ethylene law cost rises considerably, and as new technology introduce, polyvinyl chloride craft cast off calcium carbide law gradually the traditional defect of tall pollution, high-energy bad news, show relative cost advantage. According to China statistic of association of chloric alkaline industry, at present polyvinyl chloride occupies law of our country calcium carbide to produce the half above of the quantity to the whole nation, predict to be in henceforth in a paragraph of period, calcium carbide law still is the main technology that our country pvc manufactures.
In calcium carbide law in polyvinyl chloride engineering technology, the quality of chloric ethylene monomer is the crucial factor that affects quality of end item pvc all the time, and the quality that the effect of chloric ethylene rectify affects chloric ethylene monomer directly. Use device of rectify of traditional chloric ethylene, purity of chloric ethylene monomer can be achieved only 99.8% , and the reason that pledges as a result of the structure of rectification device and material, easy knot dirties in plant moving process, corrode leak, consecutive run time suffers be restricted.
Be aimed at afore-mentioned problems, li Qun of chemical college of university of Beijing chemical industry gives birth to a professor to guide task group to study development goes the tower of rectify of new-style and efficient oriented breaker plate that applies to rectify of chloric ethylene monomer, still develop the operation method that efficient and oriented breaker plate reachs a compound aperture to suit to it; The sheet that develops first is covered produce can 260 thousand tons / year tower of rectify of content of boil of on any account and system of rectify of efficient chloric ethylene, make rectification medium the low boil content such as acetylene matter content falls to 2 × 10-6 the following, the tall boil content such as 2 chloric ethane matter content falls to 3 × 10-6 the following; Developed the operation technology of compulsive circumfluence, make quality of chloric ethylene rectify more stable and reliable; Developed fight the chloric ethylene that gets together oneself efficient rectify tower, make device realizes long periodic movement, manufacturing cycle can be as long as 2 years. Current, after this covers new-style and efficient detached technology to produce flow application in chloric ethylene, improved the quality of chloric ethylene product greatly, reduced matter content, raised the technical level of whole chloric ethylene.
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