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Metal new material of element of organic photoelectricity function comes out
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Recently, the priority discipline of foundation of Fujian Province science that by place of compose of content of Fujian of Chinese Academy of Sciences group of Chen Zhongning task assumes " the design of material of element of organic photoelectricity function synthesizes the metal " , passed the achievement evaluation that hall of Fujian Province science and technology organizes.
The course such as Chen Zhongning's researcher is old research and development, began a metal systematically the design synthesis of material of glow of element of organic group bunch, component assembles model of organic element lead and metal, the job that sensitive place transforms the structure to wait for a respect with photoelectricity function adjusting control, obtained a series of innovation sexes that have international effect to study positive result.
According to introducing, researcher preparation a series of having macrobian life and material of efficient glow of close infra-red element, discovered fluorine is ionic induction of the color change with marked compound of organic to certain metal alkyne, chroma and fluorescence spread feeling effect, built a series of having fluorescence passes feeling and dissolvent to become angry the metal of effect model of organic element switch.

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