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The automation trend in plastic treatment
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Automation already became numerous treatment manufacturer to get the essential thing of profit in plastic treatment. It has been absent the small limits with the specific perhaps production of component of high rise in value of bureau be confined to shapes application. Automation level can be collected simply to the runner of purify flow path already implement, advanced perhaps arrive to assemble or pack model complete work is unit. Because make a sort various, processing asks each different, so most automation attention applies at noting model. But this kind of technology applies to other craft likewise in.

Manipulator design had obtained significant progress in drive technology and structural material side, make rectify an automation loop maximize. Today's development and progress are applied manipulator and automation hand-in-hand travel is compositive. Serve as the one part of whole workshop, and simplify program and groom.

Although note model machine to use manipulator type automation increasing, but the rate that manipulator of place carry out and place carry out fix model machine is having clear distinction in each areas (watch 1) .

Per cent of manipulator of the machine that note model is worth

North America 6900 1960 28%

European 20000 7618 38%

Asian 19500 9212 47%

South-American 2600 330 13%

Africa / middle east 1000 120 12%

Express 1. The rate that manipulator sale sold with the machine that note model 2000

Of ceaseless grow in quantity shape manufacturer takes manipulator and automation seriously more, think they had experienced the accrual on productivity and character, having corresponding investment. To 2010, sales volume of North America manipulator and the rate that fix model machine sales volume predict to increase to 40% . Because manipulator finishs the ability of other function,expanding, so their application still is increasing. To workshop more requirements are use manipulator more as far as possible, in order to decrease artificial, undertake label is mixed sticking examine etc.

Form of the as simplest as manipulator automation is runner is collected implement. But the most today function that note model gets bigger get one's own back from more agile manipulator and automation job unit. Basically make discharge take place with conveyer belt making a periodic time beyond is manipulator can be used the time that handles in order to make other follow-up. From the nimbleness with the important implementation inside the whole service life of machine hand, in all sorts of measure that share new project directive. Below most circumstance, benefit appliance has dynamoelectric CNC or 3, the linear manipulator that 6D serve takes drive, make them can fast mould of pass in and out. They are mixed to similar lacquer than toggle type manipulator assembling the after shaping operation that wait is ideal, but be confined to this.

Insert assembles and unassemble the automation of the respect is having remarkable development. Elephantine nut, bolt, applique, foil, annul, inductor, filmy, clip piece and buckle a these thing to place in recording model machine, note the insert of model as jackknife, this is common and be a kind of standard almost. Through reciprocating translation workbench joins insert manipulator, perhaps add hopper to undertake assembling and unassemble with hand or vibration. Below most circumstance, automation job unit is only economy or competitive solution. Of close, much component shapes to use manipulator to communicate the basic level that jackknife shapes normally, is not to use rotate mould.
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