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Seek " La Guang " acting power source
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Form sediment of gas phase of organic matter chemistry accumulates the metal (Metal-OrganicChemicalVaporDeposition, abbreviation MOCVD) , the earliest it is the semiconductor of compound of a preparation that put forward by company of American Luo Kewei Er 1968 sheet tastes filmy new technology. Much course of electron of material of machinery of nicety of this equipment market, semiconductor, vacuum, hydromechanical, optical, chemical, computer is an organic whole, it is degree of a kind of automation tall, price costly, technology is compositive degree of tall most advanced photoelectron is special equipment, basically use at GaN (nitrogen changes gallium) the extension that fastens semiconductor material grows and blue, green or ultraviolet the production of glow diode chip, also be the main method that preparation arsenic changes gallium, phosphor to influence the photoelectron material such as indium and parts of an apparatus at the same time, it is national semiconductor illume (diode of white smooth glow) the project is carried out in most crucial production equipment, also be one of special facility that photoelectron industry has development outlook most.
"On November 28, 2002, the 863 tasks that we assume -- , ' the device of MOCVD of type of production that is used at GaN (6 2 inches of machine) ' formal project approving. " face of Wang Jun of 48 assistant directors of company of group of Chinese electron science and technology tells a reporter, "The equipment that we manufacture was finished in November 2004 general assembly, overall adjustment and technical index test, shipment comes after technology unit, be debugged with respect to the installation that finish with 42 days only and made InGaN/GaN multilayer the La Guangfa of quanta trap structure is smooth diode chip, this speed lets mature company of a lot of abroad surprised. This speed lets mature company of a lot of abroad surprised..
MOCVD equipment technology all the time by western minority monopoly of company of a few internationalization, in last few years, home introduced tens of stages in succession this kind of equipment, spent foreign currency of a huge sum. Wang Jun face expresses: "Natural resources of our country source is limited, continuously the national economy that high speed rises makes electric power is supplied nervous with each passing day, contradiction is increasingly outstanding, and a glow diode manufacturing industry will be problem of national future energy main outlet. Accordingly, ministry of science and technology is in ' 15 ' during already of stand high and see far nitrogen equipment of the MOCVD that change gallium includes key of new material domain project, pass effort of a few years, obtained major effect. Obtained major effect..

According to introducing, the MOCVD equipment of 48 development manages from condition of preparation of cost control, documentation, form a complete set, quality, the respect such as manpower resource already was follow-up industrialization job to do an abecedarian to prepare. Wang Jun face says: "We are outer assist the make choice of of processing factory business and outside the type selecting that buys equipment asks with assuring function already, save funds expenditure to be a target again, endeavor to reduce equipment to make cost, had laid a foundation for promotion application, occupational market; In the design file of file, test data, craft, outfit moves the file respect of the source such as the record, run a requirement strictly according to archives, fulfill a design, proofread, examine and verify, approval and file formalities, prepare to form batch productivity; Labour creates a field, if VCR solders automatically,we acquired the special device such as leak detector of machine, tall sensitivity; Additional, we manage a system strictly still to undertake administrative by ISO9001/GJB9001A quality, the eligible vendor network that sheds management and long-term cooperation through professional other people, the closed circuit goods and materials that built qualifications and record of service of a supplier to assess → parts of an apparatus to enter parts of an apparatus of → of place answer check to use qualifications and record of service of supplier of circumstance feedback → to evaluate supplies chain. This is the foundation that product specifications realizes not only, also be the condition with implementation indispensable industrialization. " he complements finally, the backbone technology personnel of task group has experience of special device research and development on average, changed industrialization of gallium MOCVD equipment to provide safeguard for nitrogen from manpower resource respect.
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