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Dye of TCA compound titanium white is good in quality and cheap in price
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A few days ago, of pink of a kind of titanium white replace a product -- , dye of compound titanium white is in TCA development of limited company of science and technology of Beijing Tian Zhiyan health is successful. Coating of preparation of dye of use TCA compound titanium white can obtain as identical as pink of use titanium white specifications, and relatively reduce coating cost substantially. At present this product has been finished in try and use a test.
Dye of TCA compound titanium white is a kind of silicon aluminium that has quality of titanium dioxide dye acerbity salt -- , titanium dioxide composite material, property of its material dye and titanium whitening are adjacent, stability of optics of its rutile product and rutile titanium white is identical, and the 50 % that production cost is titanium white pink only.
According to introducing, this product has investment dimensions technology of lesser, production demand of simple, market is big wait for an advantage, pink of replaceable titanium white is produced with what wait at plastic, paper, printing ink, balata.

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