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Research of technology of my accept rice arrives accurately only member structur
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Accept rice technology develops up to now, the geometrical structure that a when encounter major difficult problem observes to single element and nuclear group form a cluster directly namely and electronic structure, undertake to its theory is elaborated. Reporter a few days ago from national science foundation appoint understanding arrives, by this appoint the research project that funds continuously " the theory of only member structure and electronic condition and experimental research " had broken through this difficult problem, the structure that can form a cluster to single element and nuclear group undertakes the theoretic analysis that build a model and state.

As we have learned, used scanning channel microscopy mostly to the research of only member structure in the past, although have very high resolution, but the space that its image reflects molecular electron condition only distributings, cannot reflect its geometry structure directly. In the meantime, because experimental condition place is restricted, the compose of affirmatory only member, orientaton, inner atomic structure and electronic condition still compare difficulty.

Big Professor Hou Jianguo waits for Chinese science and technology in national science foundation aid financially below, through controlling experimental condition accurately, analyse pattern of image of only member structure from mass data, combine theoretical calculation, establish the new research technique that has high resolution token to only member structure. This research achievement lives standard of international forward position.

Current, this project achievement has invented patent 1 times permissibly, win award of science of 2005 year country second-class award. Concerned expert says, the physics that the positive result that this institute obtains deepened people to form a cluster to only member and nuclear group not only and chemical essence reach the understanding of only member parts of an apparatus, still discovered a few new effect and phenomenon, this has important academic sense to transforming an element directly artificially, there is enormous potential application value in new material and respect of new parts of an apparatus or appliance at the same time.

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