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Composite material of special type elastomer develops a success
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863 tasks " composite material of special type elastomer and oil field are deep use high-powered packer technology of glue canister preparation " project appraisal can be held in university of Beijing chemical industry recently.
This task includes   " high temperature resistant the preparation technology of the composite material of special type elastomer of oil resistant and chemical medium " , " high-powered packer of glue canister structure finite yuan optimize a design " , " the engineering technology development of glue canister preparation and industrialization apply high-powered packer " 3 content. Last a period of time attacks the central Shaanxi plain 3 years, pass the development of a series of innovation technologies and application, task group obtained a breakthrough, preparation gives a kind high temperature resistant ageing, high temperature resistant the composite material of special type elastomer of excel in of oily, high temperature, then design of design of integrated and advanced glue canister structure, composite material structure, preparation technology design, development goes can be able to bear or endure below 160 ℃ the packer glue canister that 40Mpa presses difference. The bench test that this achievement passed Central Plains oil field (MA aptitude) , and had been in the success in a few wildcat that wait uses Central Plains oil field, victory oil field, obtained distinct social benefit and economic benefits. This achievement still declared two China to invent patent, the manufacturing base that built to be able to produce per year composite material of elastomer of 100 tons of special type produces per year the manufacturing base of canister of 10000 packer glue with, face countrywide sale.
  reports hand-in-hand travel in each job that listened to task group after the careful inquiry of of all kinds problem, expert attending the meeting gave height the opinion to this task, think overall technology level achieved international banner level.
  it is reported, this task is learn the research center of advanced elastomer data of the courtyard by science of material of university of Beijing chemical industry and project (subject also at key laboratory of material of rice of accept of Ministry of Education) group of Zhang Liqun task, and academy of technology of project of oil extraction of Central Plains oil field assumes jointly. The task got youth of Inc. of Chinese oil natural gas innovates at the same time the support of fund. This achievement was passed smoothly still 863 hi-tech are new 2005 of group of structural material theme check and accept, reported 863 significant gain. The promotion of this achievement applies, make the oil exploitation industry that is our country important contribution.

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