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Prospective cosset is wireless identify a technology
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Omnipresent wireless identifying technology

A RFID chip that has ant head volume only is the largest window of current CeBIT, whole 6 exhibition halls around move RFID a theme. RFID namely wireless identifying technology, it is the network technology with an application very wide perspective, it is based on the electronic label of chip through radio wave scanning, in order to realize the identifying to the object. Entrance ticket of German world cup will use RFID technology first 2006, pour ticket and other insecure factor in order to put an end to. A this is ticket Wu innovation germinant, conference of prospective football league matches, large concert, large international, even airline ticket, train ticket can realize active management through RFID technology.

In 6 exhibition halls, the take on lease of group of dragon of heart of chain supermarket wheat with the oldest Germany large area exhibits a stage, in order to promote its " prospective supermarket " concept. Read aloud according to this entirely, all commodity in prospective supermarket will stick RFID electron label. For example dress from shop lay in a stock of merchandise, every dress is stuck have electronic ticket, the case after case, and there also is electronic ticket on carriage container. After such goods receiving of cargo for storage, administrator can pass radio wave scanning, know the amount of goods well and truly, in the meantime, the dress that the supermarket goes to to selling work off everyday also be clear at a glance. When the client is choosing dress, through trying on the electronic scanner before lens, can understand all sorts of message such as business of the fabrics of quality of a material that understands the dress, production. It is early a few years ago, group of wheat heart dragon read aloud to offer first supermarket in Du Yi Si Bao according to this entirely. In the near future, will be the inning that RFID electron label sheds to be popular with retail trade in content.

In security domain, RFID technology application also begins to gain ground, german Frankfurt airport and combination of Japanese Tokyo airport use this technology, raise baggage to bring check efficiency. In the data that Frankfurt electron scanner detects, tokyo can see very quickly also. New edition passport of Germany also used RFID technology, the full name that it recorded passport holder, be born information and digital photograph, have the better effect that prevent bogus. Germany wears Mu to strap - Kelaisile the company sits in children car rode to install RFID chip, safe gasbag can be opened with the rapiddest rate when the car goes an accident. Switzerland begins from the beginning of the year, already asked all new the pet dog that register carries RFID chip, manage in order to facilitate. As wireless identifying further progress of the technology, the field that its use still can expand ceaselessly.

American Intel company and company of heart state apparatus, ZMD and company of Ying Feiling company of Europe, flying benefit riverside are the lead company of world semiconductor technology, also be the main manufacturer of RFID chip. Be in Germany, another those who act important role is Ximen subsidiary, the enterprise of this Munich is the market that European industry identifies a system " leading sheep " . To make RFID increases additional operation capacity and necessary order, company of software of a few IT also is being striven for desperately share a cup of a thick soup. German SAP company designed the RFID that applies at storage for Mai Delong group special software. HP company will throw 150 million dollar to develop RFID technology inside 5 years, IBM plans to invest 250 million dollar for this even.
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