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Anion group technique synthesizes product of high end giving PS
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Will transmit the message of hearten making a person from Lanzhou petrifaction academy on Feburary 27: て Yi returns border of ┘ of stool of joint of bones of   holding sb in respectful awe to sweet wine ⒍ of ÷ of humorous of Jin  fade is mother You center is swollen the persimmon Yan that bake uncovered production of?PS) of formic ┦ children's hair to have major breakthrough, lanzhou petrifaction academy uses anion group technique to synthesize a 。 of resin of polystyrene of this kind of high end successfully this in the applied domain that tried technical development to extend general polystyrene already, the market that improved homebred product is had rate, also be whole set of next resin of polystyrene of development high end to produced a technology to establish fundamental 。 at the same time

General polystyrene (GPPS) is the crop in polystyrene series product because the breed 。 general polystyrene with highest 、 the biggest demand is opposite molecular quality is relatively lesser, have easy treatment to shape wait for an advantage, but mechanical intensity is relatively lesser also at the same time, make its application is restricted, and the mechanical strength that increases GPPS is implementation synthetic resin is high-powered the postulate 。 that change improves GPPS function to have a variety of methods, the opposite element quality that improves polystyrene among them is to study 。 of the most active a direction is tall in recent years resin of polystyrene of opposite element quality regards high end of polystyrene series resinous as the product, have Japan of capacious market prospect 。 to be in world banner standing in the research development of this respect, company of chemistry of Japanese printing ink has a styrene in 4 days of city craft of successive noumenon polymerization 30 thousand tons / year company of industry of Xu Huacheng of manufacturing unit; uses new-style initator and successive and aggregate technology, built 23 thousand tons / year manufacturing unit 。 produces device to all use noumenon law technology as a result of our country general polystyrene, in quality of tall opposite element, especially freeboard develops a respect to still belong to blank relative to the scientific research of molecular quality polystyrene, because this brings about homebred polystyrene to be in the competition that imports a product with abroad,be in inferior position, foreign product is swarmed into in great quantities, affected the development 。 of industry of our country petrifaction badly

The researcher of Lanzhou petrifaction academy dogs the development trend of new product of domain of world polystyrene resin and new technology, develop a new style or a new method of one's own, the chain that uses anion polymerization to have causes 、 to catenary grows and do not have characteristic of stopped active chain group, use anion group technique to because this kind of colophony retained the exceedingly good and optical property with general polystyrene peculiar place already,synthesize a 。 of resin of polystyrene of quality of tall opposite element successfully, have higher mechanical strength again, because this can apply extensively at the electron,、 of electric 、 commodity packs the industry such as industry and building, and be in large and transparent with Bao Bi the producer face of goods 、 drawing and epispastic sheet also has wide application   of foreground 。  
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