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New-style oxidant enhances security of fireworks and firecrackers
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Recently, reporter from 10 thousand carry a county to install inspect bureau to understand, this county already studied development goes a kind to be able to replace chloric acid Potassium to also can replace perchloric acid Potassium already, the name is " Kang Anyi date " new-style oxidant is used at fireworks and firecrackers to produce, the security that increases production effectively.
Orgnaization of authority of state of this material classics detects, its are bumped feeling degree, attrition feeling is spent, the safe index such as thermal stability all excel state level, this material is used at production of fireworks and firecrackers to be able to restore traditional fireworks and firecrackers to set off the initiate inside has balmy taste, dependency. House understanding, this is our country first the insecure factor that from research and development new-style oxidant proceed with reduces fireworks and firecrackers to produce a business.
Detect through key of cracker of national level firework the orgnaization detects, this oxidant is bumped feeling degree, attrition feeling is spent, hot feeling is spent wait for safety performance to accord with national level requirement, can apply extensively in company of production of fireworks and firecrackers. "Kang Anyi date " new-style oxidant price is low, can reduce manufacturing cost already, can reduce the happening of safe accident considerably again.

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