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Super fiber PBO breaks foreign technology block
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Have super thread those who say get together to maintain benzene to benzene fiber of double evil Zun (PBO) fundamental application value and wide perspective are had in national defence of aerospace, war industry and civil domain, long-term since foreign company is crucial to its the body intermediate 4, 6 - 2 amino a benzene 2 phenol (DAR) execute all the time forestall and ban carry out. The information that will study from Dalian chemical industry the designing institute is transmitted on Feburary 8 makes a person hearten, this courtyard develops successful DAR to synthesize new technology, with one action was broken long-term the block of foreign company technology since, and this technology raw material is easy, craft is simple, close rate is high, pollution is little, cost is low.
Be known as 21 centuries super fibrous PBO, it is the composite material that 80 time United States is 20 centuries to grow spaceflight aviation enterprise and be developed is used enhance material, its intensity exceeds steel fiber not only, and can override on carbon fiber. The PBO filament that a diameter is 1 millimeter but trice the weight of 450 kilogram, its intensity is fibrous of coequal norms steel wire 10 times above. In addition, PBO fibrous impact resistance, be able to bear or endure attrition sex and dimension stability all very exceedingly good, and pledge gentleness is soft, it is good spin raw material.

PBO is by 4, 6 - salt of hydrochloric acid of 2 amino phenol and to benzene 2 formic acid are solvent to undertake condensation polymerization is made with 牘 of PPA of 牗 of much phosphoric acid, also can use P2O5 dehydrate to undertake condensation polymerization. PPA is the product of large-scale industrialization, and 4, 6 - 2 amino a benzene 2 phenol (DAR) it is the key that synthesizes PBO at present intermediate body. The synthesis of DAR is original by chemistry of American contented family name the company develops a success, undertake synthetic for initiative raw material with 3 chloric benzene, close rate is very high, had very big effect to the industrialized production of PBO, but existence raw material is gotten not easily, the issue with high cost. Only at present Japan has the industrial productivity of DAR on the world, but same existence raw material process of tall, nitration abandons finite, price acid treatment easy generation of difficult, treatment of three wastes is virulent the problem such as material, at present a lot of big companies are in Japan search replace its the industrialized method of active craft course. Place of courtyard of domestic some scientific research uses a benzene the synthetic course of 2 phenol, but close rate low, cost is high, and nitrify process is put in many waste liquid to handle an issue likewise.

Compare with existing craft photograph, academy of Dalian chemical industry is own of research and development brand-new course of DAR synthesis craft has clear advantage: Raw material easy, craft is simple, close lead tall, pollution purity of small, product is tall, uses raw material can reclaim to be used circularly, reduced cost already, protected an environment again. This has international the project approving support that the technology of advanced level has gotten department of national science and technology at present. This technology already fill our country is among this the blank of body respect, also provided raw material safeguard to develop high-powered PBO product.
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