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Model of oxygen of electronic class ring seals material progress rapid
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Introduce according to expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin, annulus oxygen model is sealed expecting is the moulding pink that comprises by the constituent such as epoxy resin and colophony of phenolic aldehyde of its solidify agent, it becomes hot solid sex in solidify of the cross-linking below hot action plastic, noting model to shape package of chip of semiconductor of process lieutenant general buries amid, gift its proper structure external form, become plastic enclosed semiconductor device. It is abroad in 20 centuries the new product of the research and development at the beginning of 70 time. With plastic enclose a method to produce transistor, integrated circuit, large scale integration be being used extensively already domestic and internationally circuit, VLSI and predominate. According to data statistic, current, model of oxygen of whole world annulus is sealed makings produce per year a quantity to be in 200 thousand tons of above, among them Japanese crop resides the world the first. As a result of plastic enclose semiconductor device price low, suit large-scale automation production again, add model to seal semiconductor device dependability to rise substantially, requirement of system of OK also and contented for military use issues in a lot of not quite harsh environments, application is so wider and wider, at present all over the world the 95 % of 93 % ~ that the model inside limits seals semiconductor device product to occupy market gross, and pottery and porcelain and metal are enclosed decreasing quickly.
Because use plastic enclose a method to produce integrated circuit of circuit of large scale integration, VLSI, outsize scale to wait already predominate, drove model to seal makings market demand to grow quickly thereby. At present the integrated circuit product of 95 % above of our country was used plastic enclose a form, among them one of structural material that makings of annulus oxygen moulding regards integrated circuit as to use tall difficulty, its demand is shown all the time continuously high speed rises situation, the product demands exceeds supply. The data shows, our country model sealed makings market quantity of total demand 2005 about 4. 50 thousand tons, exceed integrated circuit of big, outsize scale to be sealed with annulus oxygen model among them makings predict year of demand about 1. 50 thousand tons.
Future a paragraph of period, information Industry of our country electron still will maintain high speed to develop posture, the tide that seeks other newly is begged to fall in the market, integrated circuit is sided with super- large-scale, exceed high speed, high density, high-power, high accuracy, muti_function direction to develop quickly, be opposite consequently of integrated circuit enclose also raised taller and taller requirement, model of our country epoxy resin is sealed makings henceforth will to Gao Naichao, low stress, low α - ray, be able to bear or endure immersed solder and circumfluence solder, model seals the directional progress with good technical properties. Specific and character, epoxy resin model is sealed material is the most important is Gao Naichao plastic enclose, from the production of epoxy resin consequently craft proceed with is controlled but hydrolysis chloric content, extract raw material and it is very important that utmost ground reduces model to seal the moisture in makings to appear. In recent years newest method is to join ion to catch agent and aluminous protective agent to wait. Additional, raise annulus oxygen model to seal the filling in makings the purity of small pink of 2 oxidation silicon is very important also. Divide at present outside reducing content of foreign matter ion, rise be able to bear or endure wet sex basically relies on the filling that joins course finishing, make moisture permeates the distance of chip to be lengthened as far as possible; Join coupling agent to be able to raise what model seals makings and down-lead frame to stick relay, the interface that prevents moisture to seal makings and frame from model permeates chip.
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