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Clench the teeth is the same as extruder of Xiang Shuang screw
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To bite contract has exceedingly good mixture sex and good adaptability to double screw extruder, it is to be used at polymer modified currently (mix in all, fill, increase, reaction is crowded piece) first selection mixes one of equipment continuously, use in pressing a facility the most general. The commonnest in the user is, an equipment often is used old, change the product is passed only change nose will come true. And actually, to bite contract has an extremely superior performance to double screw extruder: Its combined-type screw and machine canister have sex of ' all-purpose ' -- , pass change screw and machine canister to set order namely, achieve the optimal use result of pair of different stock, recipe.
However, be in our country, a lot of use person that are the same as extruder of Xiang Shuang screw, still understand not quite it seems that or ignored this. Some enterprises (it is place of scientific research courtyard even) , have many products or task, use extruder of a double screw from beginning to end however, but purchase from double screw extruder discard as useless, screw (machine canister) did not disassemble almost reset passes, the sort of combination that uses manufacturer home to offer all the time, a kind of screw (machine canister) combine after all. Can imagine, this won't get ideal result.
Stock is the same as extruder of Xiang Shuang screw to cram a course mediumly in clench the teeth is a complex and changeful process, suffer effect of many sided element, nominal change affects the performance of the product possibly, shew ground says to have 3 the mainest effects, it is screw compose model (machine canister is configured) , stock character and locomotive condition.
Clench the teeth is the same as canister of the screw to double screw extruder, machine is knockdown. Its screw is comprised by a certain number of screw component, be like whorl component, mediate dish component, tooth form dish component; Its machine canister also is by different aircraft canister paragraph (close, take vent, mouth of feed in raw material) composition. The stock with specific basis of the person that use, recipe and right will the requirement of the mixture function of preparation, pass scientific combination, the screw of will different type, different amount (machine canister) component is combined by certain order, finish the mixture job of protocol OK and efficiently, at this moment the combination of screw machine canister has special sex, if stock, recipe and the mixture performance demand to preparation went, be about to undertake assorted to screw machine canister afresh, in order to get used to new requirement, the ' that this is this kind of machine is all-purpose ' sex.
But in actual production, often appear however the phenomenon that combination of canister of machine of a kind of screw answers a variety of recipe products. And will strictly tell, combination of a kind of screw is opposite a kind only or close recipe has favorable mixture effect with mixture craft. Consequently, the use person of this kind of machine, have thorough knowledge besides the mixture job that should finish to using stock and recipe and place outside, still must be the same as the function to double screw extruder to clench the teeth, especially all sorts of screw (machine canister) the function of component and its combination rule and the understanding with make have with the circumstance clearer. Combination of screw machine canister relies on experience commonly - academic - the method that experimental photograph combines undertakes. Production manufacturer of some double screw extruder offer 1 ~ possibly also according to user requirement 2 kinds of combination. But him person that more combination should rely on to use undertakes developing according to his product and recipe.
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