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Apply at the screw of pottery and porcelain of mass production
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Be in only 4 years many before, badufeier notes model company to cooperate in project of screw of pottery and porcelain is developed jointly with 5 partners in the project, the original intention that talks about a project is right as far as possible the treatment technology that the material of much filling content seeks price of a kind of tall sex to compare. Really, this project commercializes production without what cause the screw that note model instantly, but the classics test and verify that accumulates through this project is solid. In pushing a trade, have in treatment tall the period that part of pottery and porcelain uses when caustic material is forthcoming. The thinking of sex of the look up before this is planted becomes the consensus of a few companies that enlist this project at that time not only, also be transferred by technology of Hei Sen city at the same time synergic network (TTN) jury place is approbated, latter is in recently the 2nd Hei Sen has the honor to win third class award in city cooperation competition.
When highest to filling content colophony undertakes the mould notes model to machine, the wearability of mechanical screw and machine canister must rise. Traditional screw and machine canister in cotton team this is planted when tall filling mixture often can reach its operating limit very quickly, show serious tatty trace. Industrial pottery and porcelain is exclusive can satisfy tall wearability, heatproof sex and the material that refuse temperature wave motion. In addition, industrial pottery and porcelain has outstanding corrosion resistance to acidity or alkalescent medium can.
But price of pottery and porcelain is high, plant when this only so the performance dominant position of material, namely long-term service life, when can getting be developinged adequately, just plant at using this aptly material. Like the material of any types, when material of use pottery and porcelain, should according to its material character reasonable design uses an environment. For example, material of pottery and porcelain may get pull stress to answer as far as possible contractible, will help pressure of stress translate into, or will complex modelling decomposes several simple module to wait.
Be in all the time in recent years research and development a series of new-style solutions, pass especially " screw of pottery and porcelain " how is material of pottery and porcelain of associated project research used at noting model and crowded model screw. Must optimize machinery not to see the join between combines a technology among them, because cannot use model of pottery and porcelain to produce the screw that note model from single component, the copartner of this project still must search production cermet to accord with the new approach of material.
The experiment goes well, study through complex FEM imitate, tribology and experiment in great quantities, first fight applying to that what commerciality produces corrode, metal of wear-resisting caustic pottery and porcelain accords with screw to already developed a success. "The progress that we obtain to this project is very satisfactory " , badufeier's engineer says, "Screw of pottery and porcelain can throw commerciality production before long. Our next target is to improve the bonding strength between metal and material of pottery and porcelain further, make this kind accords with material to have longer service life thereby.
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