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Besmirch mark and inject grain
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1. notes model the feature of blemish
Concern with runner area normally: Its surface is bleak, still see stripe sometimes.

2. may appear the reason of the problem
(1) . Melt temperature is too high.
(2) . Mould fill rate is too rapid.
(3) . Temperature is too high.
(4) . Concern with plastic character.
(5) . Mouth ejaculation the mouth is put in cold makings.

3. remedies a method
(1) . Drop the temperature of before shooting makings crock two areas.
(2) . Lower the rate that note model.
(3) . Reduce the pressure that note model.
(4) . Drop mould temperature.
(5) . The part that produces with Pe can exist mostly shoot grain, can ask according to using
Alter makings opening position.
(6) . Avoid to produce cold material as far as possible (had controlled temperature ejaculation the mouth) .

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