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Note model bend
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1. notes model the feature of blemish
Note model appearance and modular antrum likeness but the screwy version that is modular antrum appearance however.

2. may appear the reason of the problem
(1) . Because note model,bending is inside have overmuch and in-house stress.
(2) . Mould fill rate is slow.
(3) . Inside modular antrum plastic inadequacy.
(4) . Too low or plastic temperature is abhorrent.
(5) . Note model too hot when the top goes out.
(6) . Refrigeration is not worth or move, fixed die temperature is abhorrent.
(7) . Note model the structure is unreasonable (if reinforcement is centered in one side, but apart relatively
Far) .

3. remedies a method
(1) . Reduce the pressure that note model.
(2) . Reduce screw forward time.
(3) . Increase periodic time (especially cooling time) . From the mould inside (especially
Thicker note model) after the top goes out instantly immerge Wen Shuizhong (38oc) make note model
Cool slowly.
(4) . Raise the rate that note model.
(5) . Raise plastic temperature.
(6) . With cooling equipment.
(7) . Increase cooling time appropriately or improve cooling condition, assure to move as far as possible, calm
Modular model is lukewarm consistent.
(8) . Improve below permission condition according to actual condition plastic structure.

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