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Note a mouth sticky
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1. notes model the feature of blemish
Be noted a mouth the mouth is covered pull.

2. may appear the reason of the problem
(1) . Note a mouth to cover with shoot the mouth to do not have alignment.
(2) . Note a mouth to cover inside plastic and egregious ram.
(3) . Temperature ejaculation the mouth is too low.
(4) . Plastic noting the unfinished inside the mouth completely caky, especially the diameter is bigger note a mouth.
(5) . The garden dambered surface that notes a mouth to cover and the garden dambered surface that shoot the mouth cooperate undeserved, occurrence outfit is like
"Dried mushrooms " flow path.
(6) . Flow path pulls out not quite rake.

3. remedies a method
(1) . Will shoot afresh the mouth and note a mouth to cover alignment.
(2) . Reduce the pressure that note model.
(3) . Reduce screw forward time.
(4) . Raise temperature ejaculation the mouth or give with an independent temperature controller shoot the mouth to heat.
(5) . Increase cooling time, but better idea is to use have lesser note a mouth note a mouth
Set replace originally note a mouth to cover.
(6) . Correctional note a mouth to cover coordinate a side with what shoot the mouth.
(7) . Enlarge flow path appropriately pull out rake.

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