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Receive shrink mark
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1. notes model the feature of blemish
Concern with exterior mark normally (consult please " hole " part) , and it is plastic from mould surface systole is broken away from form.

2. may appear the reason of the problem
(1) . Melt temperature is not too tall it is too low.
(2) . Inside modular antrum plastic inadequacy.
(3) . Plastic face overheat is contacted when cooling phase.
(4) . Flow path unreasonable, runner is sectional too small.
(5) . The model is lukewarm whether to suit with plastic character.
(6) . Product structure is unreasonable (strengthen into ancient exorbitant, heavy panel, apparent thickness not
One) .
(7) . Cooling result is bad, add of succeed of product drawing of patterns is contractive.

3. remedies a method
(1) . Adjust shoot makings crock temperature.
(2) . Adjust screw rate in order to achieve correct screw surface rate.
(3) . Increase the amount that note model.
(4) . Assure to use proper mat material; Increase screw forward time; Increase note model
Pressure; Raise the rate that note model.
(5) . The examination stops shed a powerful person to whether be installed correct, because be not normal motion to be able to be brought all right,send pressure
Strength prediction of a person's luck in a given year.
(6) . Drop mould surface temperature.
(7) . Correct flow path avoids pressure loss too big; According to real need, proper enlarge
Large sectional size.
(8) . Control a standard appropriately according to what using plastic character and product structure lukewarm.
(9) . Product composition is improved below permission condition.
(10) . Try to let a product have enough refrigeration.

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