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Note model size diversity
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1. notes model the feature of blemish
The change of dimension of the weight in the process that note model exceeded the productivity of the mould, machine that note model, plastic combination.

2. may appear the reason of the problem
(1) . The input shoots makings crock inside plastic not all.
(2) . The range that shoot makings crock temperature or fluctuates is too big.
(3) . Size of the machine that note model is too small.
(4) . The pressure that note model is not stable.
(5) . Screw restoration is not stable.
(6) . Viscosity of the change that runs time, solution is abhorrent.
(7) . Inject speed (flow control) not stable.
(8) . Used the plastic variety that does not fit a pattern.
(9) . Pressure of lukewarm, inject, speed, time mixes consideration model protect pressure
Wait for the influence to the product.

3. remedies a method
(1) . The examination has shed classics hopper larynx without enough cooling water in order to maintain proper temperature.
(2) . The inspection is lax the thermocouple that take off.
(3) . Whether does the thermocouple that examination and temperature controller use together attribute right kind.
(4) . The quantity noting model that examines the machine that note model and model influence ability, next with note actually model is measured and note hourly
Plastic dosage undertakes comparative.
(5) . Whether does the examination run the melt hot stuff that has stability every time.
(6) . Examination circumfluence prevents a powerful person to have deny divulge, if have need,undertake changing.
(7) . Whether the examination is wrong take makings set.
(8) . Make sure screw is carrying every time reply answering the position is stability, namely not the change of over 0.4mm.
(9) . The examination runs the abhorrent sex of time.
(10) . Use back pressure.
(11) . It is normal that system of examination hydraulic pressure is run, oil is lukewarm too low (25, 60oc) .
(12) . The plastic breed that chooses to fit a pattern (main from shrink rate and mechanical intensity consideration) .
(13) . Readjust is whole manufacturing technology.

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