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Fill is malcontent
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1. notes model the feature of blemish
The process that note model is not complete, because modular antrum does not have cram plastic or the process that note model lacks certain details.

2. may appear the reason of the problem
(1) . The speed that note model is insufficient.
(2) . Plastic shortage.
(3) . Screw did not leave screw mat to expect in journey end place.
(4) . Run time changes.
(5) . Shoot makings crock temperature too low.
(6) . The pressure that note model is insufficient.
(7) . Part ejaculation the mouth is sealed.
(8) . Shoot the mouth or the heater outside shooting makings crock to cannot be run.
(9) . The time that note model is too short.
(10) . Plastic stick on hopper larynx wall.
(11) . Size of the machine that note model is too small (inject namely weight or model influence ability) .
(12) . Modular Wen Tai is low. (13) . Did not clear the antirust oil of clean mould.
(14) . Stop the attaint that retreat annulus, frit makings has flow backwards phenomenon.

3. remedies a method
(1) . Raise the rate that note model.
(2) . Examine the plastic quantity inside hopper.
(3) . Check whether correct set inject journey, the word of need undertakes changing.
(4) . The examination stops to go against a powerful person to whether wear away or appear interstitial.
(5) . The examination is run stable.
(6) . Raise frit glue temperature.
(7) . Increase back pressure.
(8) . Raise the rate that note model.
(9) . The examination shoots the mouth aperture has a foreign body or not model is changed plastic.
(10) . Examination all heater are outer examine with ammeter energy out-put correct.
(11) . Increase screw forward time.
(12) . Increase the cooling amount of hopper larynx area, or drop temperature of the area after shooting makings crock.
(13) . With the greater opportunity that note model.
(14) . Proper and elevatory model is lukewarm.
(15) . Clear the antirust inside clean mould.
(16) . Check or change stop retreat annulus.

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