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The requirement of thin wall inject to inject machine and mould
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Small to production and light make demand has made Bao Bi notes model to make the machine that note model most the performance that needs to increase. "Bao Bi " normally You Bihou makes a place less define at the light electron of 1MM. Make to old car for, "Thin " can be 2MM. Anyhow, thin wall goods asks the change machines craft: Higher pressure and speed, shorter cooling time, the change makes a top go out to be arranged with runner. The change that machines craft promoted mould, machine and the progress that make a design then. The face notes model to make one introduction to the requirement of inject machine and mould to Bao Bi below, hope to be helped somewhat to the reader.
1, inject machine
Inject machine of the standard can be used at producing a variety of thin wall product. At present the function of new-style inject machine exceeded greatly 10 years before. The progress of technology of material, runner and design widened standard inject machine is opposite further Bao Bi controls a function that charges a pattern. But because the wall is large,decrease ceaselessly, need a kind more special, the inject opportunity that has high speed and high-pressured property. For example, the electron that a ply is less than 1MM is made, time full a pattern is less than 0.5 seconds and it is very normal that the pressure that note model exceeds 210MPa. The design of machine of inject of fluid pressure type that the design uses at Bao Bi to note model has accumulator often drive is noted model and combine a model. The opportunity of completely dynamoelectric inject that has high speed and high-pressured property is mixed and dynamoelectric / machine of inject of fluid pressure type also came out. To can endure the maximum pressure that gets new-style inject chance, the least value of the force that lock up a model must be 5-7 ton / inch (umbriferous area) . Additional, when the wall thick when reducing the pressure that note model to increase, large pattern plate conduces to decrease bend. The pull rod of the inject machine that thin wall goods uses is right of pattern plate ply than be 2:1Or lower. When producing thin wall product, the closed-loop control of the speed that note model and pressure and other treatment parameter conduces to below high pressure and high speed control is filled model and protect pressure.
As to shot, canister of big diameter machine often too big, the 40 % that the shot of the proposal is machine tube size - 70 % , of assembly of thin wall goods cycle shorten greatly the 20 % that reduce the smallest shot machine tube size likely - 30 % . When the user is noting model must very careful, because small to material shot means material the detention time inside machine canister is longer, meet those who cause goods function drop thereby.
2, mould
The Bao Bi that speed is a success notes one of crucial factors of model. Fill model and high pressure quickly can with melt of high speed general thermoplastic in antrum of material infuse model, prevent runner Leng Gu thereby. If of a standard make finish inside two seconds charge a pattern, so the model is large reduce 25 % , reduce time full a pattern 50 % likely, just 1 second.
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