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Exterior gas inject shapes prevent shrink mark
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Pursue 1 even goods if top of graphic representation box is exterior The inject of main contention object that aeriform inject shapes shapes have class A face bright and clean the target of type of a when spend the goods with reinforcement or protruding stage to be considered as inject processing firm all the time similar fantasy, although they are in for this normally inject shapes and in-house gas assists inject to shape technical respect made the greatest effort. And the industrial product to extensive diversity, still raising the requirement that shapes to the goods surface of reinforcement or protruding stage undertakes shrink mark caves is without ceaselessly however. The field uses in Bao Bi, like bodywork of mobile phone, car side shapes, the goods such as plaque of the outfit inside the car and computer monitor, it is particularly decisive to this one requirement. Outside removing thin wall product, the supplier says, exterior gas inject shapes (EGM) is in product of state of large, flat, if the component such as cover board, housing, dashboard and grille shapes,the respect has tremendous latent capacity. Take the place of from 1990 inchoate the processing technique that begins to two kinds can choose is used technically at remedying inject to shape the blemish of exterior short. A kind of method is in the mould model be fulled arrives about after 98%-99% , connect gas to arrive an outside face of goods. This gas from model core a side enters a mould, push to the mould surface of opposite a side pressure, make the surface of crucial requirement exterior clingy mould wall. Another kind of method is gas controls a standard instead. In controlling a standard instead, a kind of gas, it is air normally, be opposite beforehand before fuse-element injects mould pressure boost, be in in order to ensure model pressurization lasts before antrum charges a pattern, make fuse-element is pressed to mould surface. The action of two kinds of method is make sure when fuse-element is cooling material joint arrives mould surface. "The way that they affect data is similar to compress shape, " Badufeier (project of Battenfeld) company treatment and development director Juergen Ehritt say. Inject of 3 kinds of exterior gas shapes the technology is being applied to popularize by company of 5 United States, they are the United States Badufeier the Airmold Contour craft of the company; By development of company of Japanese Asahi Kasei, incoe company and CGI are angry complementary the exterior gas that notes model company to obtain license shapes technology; And the gas that the IntelliMold system section that carries it by Textron Motor Corporation supplies presses craft instead, also namely IntelliMold craft. Although exterior gas inject shapes technical adoption all the time very slow, but the supplier alleges say ∶ shapes the interest of the manufacturer is rising, the reason that keeps secret because of the client, this kind of growth tries impossibly to confirm. "We have number currently with 10 plan the case that uses effectively and commerciality application, but it is patent entirely all, " John Blundy of vice president of development of Incoe company business says. Graph in the 2 EGM treatment methods that are in Incoe company, gas is entered through a poriferous metal insert model antrum
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