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How to realize thin wall inject to shape with conventional device?
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In plastic inject processing, the wall of the spare parts is large it is a very crucial parameter. Bao Bi notes model have a lot of profit, it reduces spare parts weight, scale of production, reduce material expenditure to reach shorten shape cycle, but product of production Bao Bi must use high high speed to record model machine, do not change very calculate. After all the tradition notes model machine to be able to deny competency, civil for you detailed analysis.

Is what Bao Bi notes model? Common definition is to be in what to 50cm² surface accumulates note model, its wall is large for Lmm. This kind of level can say record model part for Bao Bi.
However, the traditional engine that note model often cannot get used to Bao Bi to note the demand of model. With wall of a 3mm that make the traditional machine of large part is exemple, when the forward position part of the hot plastic material that should fuse sheds classics mould accent, it will as inferior as temperature model core or model antrum wall contact, form the thin skin of a solidify. This kind of skin that originallies ahead of schedule should occupy whole wall roughly 20% thick.
Be in inside this skin by the side of, the fused material of infuse still is flowing ahead ceaselessly. Apparent, if the Bao Bi of the spare parts decreases to be achieved " Bao Bi " degree, its cooling rate also can be accelerated, bring about afore-mentioned solidify skin to occupy the proportion with whole large wall to will increase thereby, that is to say, the melt that its follow-up sheds person glue " core ministry " will narrow. Contrary, the time-interval of condensation of spare parts generation is in however shorten. This increased difficulty to material continuity flow, the spare parts that makes thereby comes true before condensation " cram " the requirement becomes more difficult.
The fill that notes model to overcome wall is difficult, should undertake special design to recording model machine normally or change his costume or dress, if use much passageway sprue, bring to bear on the inject pressure that is as high as 241mpa and 1, the infuse speed of 000mm / S. However, these practices will invest quite considerable capital.
Whether in the tradition note model machine to go up without the standard that change one's costume or dress, undertake controlling to certain technology parameter, where is the demand that notes model in order to realize thin wall?
The answer is affirmative. According to report, once somebody is 90 metric ton in a the largest clamping force, the biggest shot is the test that this side has done on the traditional machine of 170g. Found a place for on this machine have a sector the plug-in unit inside sprue notes a mouth with, have model the mould of antrum. The long / of the plug-in unit inside this is thick than be 140:1, model antrum ply is Lmm. Use resin is Lexansp7602 polycarbonate and Magunum9015.
The weight of product part, it is only alterable output cost. Be in same below condition of a mould antrum, the change of spare parts weight, fuse with the process that note model material is in apparently model inside antrum " cram " closely related degree. According to saying, weigh the analysis that measures change to the spare parts. The reliability of its result can be as high as 95 % . Accordingly this test writes a hand to undertake study from the relation of concerned craft parameter and spare parts weight. For this, be in model in antrum special furnish 5 pressure and temperature converter. Exploration system of a data dogs inside antrum pressure and temperature curve.
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