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Model embryo wall thick control
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Blow model to shape in the treatment attune Cheng of goods, model the control with embryo large wall is tasted to raising high yield character and it is very important to reduce manufacturing cost, the machine with inchoate reason, the oil pressure that has used two paragraphs of formula will dominate two niches of aperture of modular core axis, have only that is to say thick or thin two kinds of effects. To get used to the requirement of higher and higher to boasting model product definition and stability, modern embryo wall ply controls a system, already was deployed and used system of servo oil pressure and computer to form multistage type control, improved the quality of the product substantially thereby.

Goods is blowing gas to shape try well and truly to control in the process, can make the embryo wall ply of finished product is achieved consistent, pass impulse withstand the experimental discovery of force, the wall is large consistent product uses data not only the quantity is less, and its are impulse withstand strength strength is higher also, so, system of mural thick control is added in the forming machine that blow model, can obtain taller productivity. Reduce cost of material, raise yield, shorten finished product cooling time, i.e. raises whole to produce profit.

Model embryo if do not have,control in cramming a course, after refrigeration bah the wall can appear the circumstance of bad distribution, be in impulse withstand these weaker positions when force experiment are cushier burst. The reason is the thickness in cooling process the result be caused by with different stress of different embryo wall generation, dropped the qualitative element of the product consequently. If feel core axis aperture can as different model embryo position will change, made production gives a wall thick evener product, because problem of different easy cracked also solved embryo wall thickness,that answers.

Manufacturer of uptodate and Euramerican major machine uses more outstanding new generation to control a mechanism, the name is scale servo a powerful person. The advantage of servo of type of this kind of scale includes: Can use the controller of any brands, need to deploy simple instruction voltage only (O earth 10v) can control; Fight pollution force is powerful, at the same time the system is had clean a function automatically; Occurrence breakdown, maintenance work is simpler; Integral definition is high; Forerunner is received to control oil outside needing, reduce systematic cost to increase dependability; Steel is covered and core of a powerful person cooperates nicety, wear well; Can cooperate to use the servo oil cylinder of feet of a variety of electron of different journey induction and different measurement.

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