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Magnetism bead light makes treatment principle and technology
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1, magnetism bead light makes treatment
Phosphorous bead light makes treatment (Magnetic Abrasive Finishing, abbreviation MAF) is the exterior treatment method that uses magnetic field action to undertake material small purify, it can efficient, apace undertakes to the spare parts of all sorts of material, dimension and structure light makes treatment, it is one kind invests little, efficiency the appearance with wide, good quality machines tall, utility method.
(Light of alleged magnetism bead rectifies the principle that light of 1) magnetism bead makes treatment treatment. The function of magnetism active force that uses magnetic field to arise through ferromagnetic medium namely arrives on magnetism bead, make magnetism bead has the method of small cutting treatment to workpiece. Graph 1 work treatment principle plan for light of bead of columnar surface magnetism, set work in by electro-magnet N pole is mixed in the magnetic field that S pole makes, between electro-magnet and workpiece fill magnetism wears bead, should connect to electro-magnet with dc when, in N, S polar between produce magnetic field, magnetism grinds bead to be attracted by magnetic pole, below the action of magnetic force, lines of force of magnetism bead edge ranks brush state trimly, form constant pressure to workpiece surface, when generation moves relatively between magnetic pole and workpiece, magnetism is brushed had swept workpiece surface, undertake to workpiece work surface thereby abrade, go the burr, smooth full treatment that improves the process such as workpiece surface hardness. The stress that should machine a method to improve workpiece appearance distributings condition, prolonged the service life of workpiece. Magnetism wears bead by pure iron pink (Fe) makes carrier, join a few Al2O3 or SiC to wait grind bead to mix make.
The form that at present magnetism bead light makes treatment press magnetic field can differentiate it is two kinds big, the first kind of magnetic field is constant magnetic field, opposite shift realizes treatment between support magnetic field and workpiece surface; The 2nd kind is to use hand in change or rotate what magnetic field will produce magnetism to grind the opposite motion between bead and treatment face to realize material is small go old treatment.
(Light of 2) magnetism bead rectifies treatment characteristic
Good from acute sex, process capability is strong, efficiency is tall. Magnetism grinds temperature rise small, workpiece is out of shape small. Cutting deepness is small, treatment surface is bright and clean level off. Workpiece surface is handed in change excitation, the physics that improved work is mechanical function. The appearance that abrasive brushs changes along with the form that processes work and change, show wonderful flexible and from adaptability, because this can be used at columnar peace face to machine not only, the light that still can have abnormity surface and free curved surface makes treatment. Treatment force can pass intensity of control magnetic field to undertake controlling, treatment process implements automation easily. Magnetism grinds bead to change rapid, do not pollute an environment. Can process ferromagnetism data already, also can undertake to be not ferromagnetism material light makes treatment.
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