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Mould material reachs heat treatment mass
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Should make mould longevity life, material is safeguard. According to different production craft chooses right mould stuff, already became raise the mould quality, fundamental premise that prolongs mould life. According to mould type, people customarily is mould material cent 4 kinds big: Hot mould material, Leng Zunmo provides material, plastic mould material and vitreous mould data, but this is not absolutely, be not only steel is special, however " expert in one thing and good at many " , some steel can make a variety of type patterns.
(1) heats up mould material
Heat makes mould material must have wearability, tenacity, hardness and red rigid although 3 big basic and characteristic 5CrMnMo, 3Cr2W8V is the earliest mould data, but still hold larger share in the market at present. H13 has good cold hot fatigue performance, do not exceed 600 ℃ in practical temperature when, replace 3Cr2W8V steeliness model, life can rise substantially. Because this H13 steel gets applied extensively, its crop already exceeded 3Cr2W8V.
To get used to forming new technology, new facility is in to mould material the high demand of obdurability and thermal stability respect, developed a lot of new-style heat domestic and internationally to make mould steel, there is effect in be being produced, have 5CrNIMoV, 5Cr2NiMoVSi, 3Cr2MoWVNi, 3Cr3Mo3W2v, 3Cr3Mo3VNb, 4Cr3Mo3SiV, 4Cr3Mo3W4VNb, 4Cr3Mo2Mn-VNbB, 6W8Cr4VTi, 4Cr5Mo2MnVSi, 4Cr3Mo2NiVNb, 4Cr3Mo2WVMn, 2Cr3Mo2NiVSi, 6Cr5Mo3W2VSiTi, 6Cr4Mo3Ni2WV, 5Cr4W5Mo2V and 5Cr4Mo3SiM among them, NVAl.
The heat that our country ever chose 27 kinds of application and new development success about the unit makes mould steel, basic to its mechanical a flight of steps leading to a palace hall can, technical properties and performance characteristics undertook test and contrast, put forward of all kinds heat to make the select material standard of mould steel, can offer draw lessons from.
(2) Leng Zunmo provides data
Our country's at present commonly used Leng Zunmo provides steel to divide roughly it is 4 kinds big:
Dimension the Leng Zunmo of simple, small negative charge provides small, appearance to use steeliness of carbolic element tool to make normally, mould life is not tall; Dimension the Leng Zunmo of complex, small negative charge provides big, appearance to use steel of low alloy tool commonly; Dimension the Leng Zunmo of complex, heavy load provides big, figure steel of tool of the alloy in needing to use or high table gold; Get concussion bear and feeble Leng Zunmo provides modular blade to choose steel of tall tenacity mould commonly; The mould that dimension precision asks tall, life is long should choose the high-grade material such as pulverous high-speed steel, hard alloy. The market is current still give priority to with traditional old stuff, new-style Leng Zunmo provides steel, wait for 20 many brands like DS, GD, CH, LD, GM, ER5, 65Nb, O12Al, LM1, LM2 and RM2, application is unpopular.
(3) plastic pattern provides data
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