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Small laminar flow delays velar technology, improve drawing film to get the bett
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American EDl squeezes firm of head giving a model to will announce on Feburary 11, EDI uses technology of " of " layer multiplier to produce small layer film, compare with photograph of traditional product of three-layer structure film, drawing rate is maximum but tower above 45 % , drawing packs velar user to be able to save drawing to pack unit wastage of film.
The number of plies of small layer film compares a tradition squeeze velar tower above in all an amount class, but ply cardinal principle is same. The accredit of the patent of technology of " of " layer multiplier that EOI acquires chemical company, developed manufacturing pattern by oneself.
EDl is right in the test the small layer film of 48 structures and used film of three-layer of tradition of identical colophony raw material to undertake comparative, the result shows the extend of edge machine direction is led, to LLDPE/LDPE/LLDE structure, former and most taller than latter 34 % , to complete LLDPE structure, former taller than latter 45 % . With the tradition press velar sample in all small layer film is the earliest also be three-layer structure, make in the mould as EDI on obtain a series of innovation positive result, develop gradually after for 12 mix 48 (see on sketch map) .
Mark D Miller of manager of department of EDI new product says:" Drawing film industry is established, number of plies is more, even if every use identical resin, exceed the performance that can improve drawing film. For example drawing rate, fight tear off gender and fight piercing ability. From three-layer, 9 6 layer, development go to a few, the drawing that uses production of layer multiplier technology packs film, can reduce raw material cost not only. Still can reduce litter of the solid after the industry.
Miller points out, the number of plies of small layer film increases, make drawing film still has a peculiar advantage, "Number of plies is more, because of gel, pinhole creates the possibility that rupture with other flaw smaller. Because many layer and layer interface can rise to the flaw is covered and turn into,this is hurtless possibility.
Miller points out, cover the flaw inside small layer structure, avoid occurrence broken end this are beyond drawing film also have a lot of other application latent capacity, especially food packs a domain.
Miller points out: "Because use,cut off the packing film that colophony produces, the amount of block secondary floor increases greatly, gas and water element are in ambient air and pack inside the passageway ' obstacle between food is heavy ' . Because this EDI predicts layer multiplier technology,be in cut off the type domain that pack can get be adoptioned extensively.
A times proliferous configuration of the standard yield a line be hold the position of by stage or 3 more stage extruder for the part of makings, fuse-element streamline sending a person is changed squeeze in all piece, production goes out even multilayer structure of " plywood " : Next will multilayer splint structure semifinished product sends a person to classification the layer that adds number of plies times add unit (see photograph) . Semifinished product sends the small layer structure that acquires finally to squeeze manifold in all, make the width of the product achieves manufacturing demand.
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