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Technology of cold flow path reachs its characteristic in the application of bal
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Technology of cold flow path reachs its characteristic in the application of balata inject domain
In recent years Chinese economy grows quickly, driving the ceaseless progress of rubber industry, also raised a few new requirements to the production of rubber products, how to come true high grade, efficient, the production of feebleminded bad news, it is manufacturer of company of each rubber products and balata machinery equipment the problem that the home should ponder over.
Develop to comply with a society, satisfy new manufacturing requirement, in balata inject domain appeared a few new inject shape craft, be like: Su of ⑸ of Qin Chan million still? inject mould pressing shapes, inject is delivered shape and inject of cold flow path shapes and gas is assisted shape etc. And because its are saving sizing material,inject of cold flow path shapes, manufacturing efficiency is tall and effect of side of feebleminded bad news is distinct and times suffer each to just pay close attention to.
What is cold flow path?
Alleged cold flow (Cold Runner) , it is to pass some kind of medium (it is oily normally) the temperature of sizing material of the balata in control flow path and runner. Make its maintain from beginning to end before antrum of the model that take a person it is under vulcanization temperature, have good plasticity to won't cause vulcanization again already, when goods drawing of patterns, the mainstream and the sizing material inside runner still stays inside the mould, note person pattern when injecting the next time next product is made inside antrum, achieve improve product quality performance, a kind of machine of managing balata raw material and the sources of energy.
Generally speaking, balata is hot solid sex, plastic it is thermoplastic. Balata of hot solid sex falls in constant pressure condition, heat to decide the tall stretch state that solidify becomes after temperature, although continue,heat to also cannot change its position. Normally the circumstance falls, the flotsam of balata of hot solid sex is to cannot reclaim of recycle. The flow path system that most balata injection mould provides is system of hot flow path, after inject, the sizing material in the sizing material inside flow path system and modular antrum at the same time vulcanization. Take out at the same time when drawing of patterns after departing with goods, handle as deserted material.
Accordingly, car sealing strip is like in production, when the rubber products such as large and compound insulator and hollow bushing, if still be used common shape craft means treatment, waste is met in the sizing material inside flow path a lot of. The third acerbity fat cost that produces every mould should get together to be met like fluorine balata when sizing material is particularly expensive very tall.
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