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Produce bottle of new generation PLA
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Compare with brand name photograph, netstal PET-LINE system can be machined more get together to benzene glycol of 2 formic acid fat (PET) the material beyond, and this is not confined to those come from at common resource, what diction container produces is plastic (be like polypropylene) . Current, take from but second birth raw material (like corn) the workability with plastic biology is in research phase. The first kind of biology that appears on the market successfully is plastic be get together from what the abstraction in lactic acid comes out lactic acid (PLA) .
PLA is a kind industrial biology but degradation material, be from corn or other and annual second birth is extracted in raw material, PLA with admirable diaphaneity, tall glossiness and cut off goodly quality and celebrated, the oxygen vapour lock that and have is similar to polypropylene lies between a gender.
Basically, PLA is to use a plant to be become in the warm production that absorbs from inside air during photosynthesis, store as cereal starch, natural plant candy can be decomposed after this kind of cereal starch (dextrose) , in main cause can natural plant candy can be passed when the carbolic composition of natural plant candy ferment, distillation and aggregate process change are get together lactic acid (PLA) . PLA is had as thermoplastic as the tradition the character of plastic likeness.
PLA already acquired association of product of degradation of new York biology approbate, this is meant in warmth (50 ℃ - 60 ℃ ) damp and contain microbial environment to fall, PLA can be decomposed inside 75-80 day. The caboodle of private garden makes fertilizer not the stage suits this process, the temperature that because want,reachs place to need is highbrow.
Previous practicable material still shows unsatisfactory creep effect, up-to-date use still be confined to beverage of blame carbonic acid, because PLA still cannot resemble the uses at bottle embryo production with very good in that way PET, data of the process that blow bottle is abhorrent. However, extend cardinal principle is same, consequently the geometrical appearance of PET bottle embryo can be used at initiative phase, this means those who be used at PET to note model system to be able to be used at the treatment of PLA.
In initiative recommend level, PLA is quite costly, after this, of this material receive draw close to PET, the price of these two kinds of material is almost same now. However, receive a PET that adds Jie Hang increasingly to be in economic benefits respect is more and more backward the PLA that stabilizes relatively at the price, with the price development trend and the demand that bring from this rise pertinent another question will be material can get a gender. According to the demand situation of the market, may appear the phenomenon that material demands exceeds supply, the treatment of PLA basically can be carried out on the Nestal PET-LINE system in the standard, however, should consider a lot of feature of PLA, they can make machine program happening changes for a long time.
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