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Vapour notes model technology high solely without mark
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  The high optical technology that note model says fast hot loop notes model technology again. Use this technology to be able to duplicate well any appearance of mould surface, make goods the surface does not have frit mark, without flow mark, without streamline, without shrink mark; Exterior tall light, achieve lens side effect; Increase model intensity and exterior hardness; Make thin wall shapes increase the liquidity that note model, increase product quality and strength; Thickening wall shapes the cycle that note model can reduce 60 % above; Need not follow-up environment pollutes serious spray craft, can reduce technological process, save the sources of energy and stuff. Reduce the cost of plastic products directly, protective environment and the person that handle personnel are healthy. Wide applied perspective is had in the industry such as communication of home appliance, car, commodity, medical treatment. For example: Liquid crystal display of flat television, computer, air conditioning, car interior trim wait.
Its craft principle is: After in stage model process is being reached before combining a model, undertaking to the mould the model is finished adding lukewarm, station, temperature achieves set condition to have injection namely. The mould in injection process continues to maintain high temperature, can make sizing material maintains very good liquidity in process full a pattern so. Inject is finished, protecting when pressing refrigeration, undertake dropping in temperature handling to the mould, can shorten greatly again the cooling time of goods, improve manufacturing efficiency thereby.
Traditional method is to use modular lukewarm machine to undertake adding to the mould lukewarm. But the insufficient point of this kind of method is as follows:
1, in cannot satisfying Gao Guang to note model, warm up quickly reach the need that drops in temperature quickly;
2, warm up extent is lesser, the frit lapping defect of goods surface can get reduce and cannot be eliminationed only;
3, because plastic hardness is taller, fluidity is poorer. Because this uses the hardness of surface of products of this kind of technology to be able to achieve HB class cannot be satisfied only,use need actually;
4, the be heated when the mould warms up expands, when dropping in temperature, can contract again, make the force that lock up a model very flabby calm. Cause goods easily to hit dissatisfaction, scorch, all sorts of blemish such as muscularity of a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces.
   And the vapour Gao Guang that develop on technology base here and comes notes model technology to was aimed at above blemish to be done respectively improve
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