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Get together ammoniac fat new progress of composite material application
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Get together ammoniac fat new progress of composite material application

The PUR lumber of low cost
Polyurethane composite material in the market commercial application begins to enter phase of a swell development, new occurrence PUR lumber just entered the market to make the one large window inside composite material industry with outstanding integral performance, highly competitive price.
The Lifetime timber that produces by the Century Roducts LLC that is located in American California city is the material of model of a kind of new-style wood, Baydur PUR system that science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear uses in producing a course. According to introducing, lifetime lumber is to apply place of craft of a kind of serial production to produce the timber of the first kind of PUR that come out. This kind be about to the serial production craft of patent application includes a kind to shape specially unit, this unit contains a series of conveyor, these conveyor use pressure a future life to become size of grain, shape and other physics feature. Wave the trash that dirt is electric plant generation, its weight occupies the 65 % of material gross weight. According to the business affairs branch of this company senior controller James Mahler introduces, come from Headwaters Resources wave dirt is a kind of cheap high density filler, can use reduce cost of material.
Differ with common lumber or other and congener composite material, PUR lumber was united in wedlock relatively high strenth, good flexibility and prevent water imbibition admirably (bibulous rate makes an appointment with 0.41 % only) . Because the high strenth of material is mixed,fight sunken sex, the PUR lumber of 2in*6in(lin=25.4mm) can be used at making length be the bridge of over or across of 24in. Compare to it, common composite material can make length be the bridge of over or across of 16-19in only. According to saying, applied PUR lumber can save the fundamental cost that amounts to 30 % .
Lifetime lumber basically uses at the United States western the market in order to make ornamental and crawl. Its 2.15 dollars / the price of In and other plasticity lumber 2.45 dollars / the price photograph of In is compared, appear very competitive. Century Pruducts company still shows, this kind of new material will have very wide development perspective in crawl application respect.

High-powered PUR is multi-purpose lever
All the time since, bo fine increases multi-purpose lever (be defeated by pole especially) the market is by polyester composite material place is held. And PUR composite material also begins to apply in this now cut a figure in the domain. For example, be located in Canada to block Er to add the RS Technologies company in to use its PUR colophony and proprietary to twine law craft to make a Rstandard combine composite material special staff, its length is 135ft(1ft=30.48cm) . RS Technologies company shows, this is composite material is in those who be defeated by pole to go up to apply first, and the company falls undertake developing in the transmit electricity lever that is 200ft to length.
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