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Need not beforehand dry PET sheet is squeezed piece
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Italian Cobelplast company reposes at Milanese north, be subordinate to belongs to England to pack group of estate magnate RPC. Si Duofu of Er of shellfish of invest in Germany (Berstorff) the one part that the new-style product line that the company makes is its dilate plan. "Our feeling got thick wait for, " Attila Menghini of Cobelplast company general manager says, what he points to is to produce PET heat to shape of sheet new-style jam a product line in all, what run to finally by design phase is all-around keep an eye on. Consign of manufacturer of plank of 10 big horniness used the Europe that company of Bei Ersi's much husband comes from Italy to this its first PET board is full product line.

Product line of this three-layer sheet reveals the ability that gives German machine manufacturer is not merely the field is produced in sheet, and still depend on machining not dry model PET material. All core component of product line, if take what vacuum removes gas to turn with Xiang Xuan double screw extruder, horizontal flowing pile and layer add up to 3 roller device, all company of Si Duofu of out shellfish Er. And this is why the exact cause that supplier of this Italy plank decides to buy this special product line. Attila Menghini explains: "We just do not regard Beiersiduofu our supplier, and the partner that still is us. And the partner that still is us..
PRC Cobelplast company has made plank product have the time that exceeds 30 years. Their line of the products included utility diversity, ply the PS plank of each different, and begin from 90 time, their product also covered PET sheet. To make all products that these differring, they already had 4 product line up to now, all have odd screw extruder, total productivity achieves annual 13000 tons. Come from Beiersiduofu's product line newly, having almost similar structure, agree with produce PP board and PET board, had it, cobelplast wants its year productivity breaks up time. Menghini emphasizes saying: "We believe firmly this our investment will score a success, it also measures 300 thousand tons to produce per year, the market of European PET sheet that increases 10% every year pointed out direction. " the high quality, impeccable character of the sheet product that this kind of product line makes special benefit from benefit from controls the customer of Cobelplast and Gao Ling is active.
PET plank applies increasingly at provision package
Outfit and electronic product are packed with the bubble record that reach

  The window of product line
Beiersiduofu is in charge of plank squeezing the product manager Dieter Ernst that go out the explanation: "Sheet of this kind of three-layer squeezes a product line to have a few distinguishing feature. Had our manufacturing facilities, can make sheet of high-powered, unspotted. And this product line is to be manufacturing ply to arrive from the smallest 100mm only the biggest
The product of 1.8mm and the design comes out. The product of 1.8mm and the design comes out..
Advocate the heart that extruder is PET treatment product line, it is to having the machine of ZE 90A X 34 D UT that is the same as Xiang Shuang screw, have special vacuum to eliminate gas technique. Raw material produces waste material like mincing interior, be joined directly through data processing system and device of gravitational type feed in raw material in extruder, need not want any beforehand dry processing. To assure good terminal product quality, this extruder has to filter system, contaminant of can cleared deepness. Special back cleaned a system to reduce back to clean needs material dosage. In all extruder is odd screw machine, according to the demand of every kinds of utility, undertake to the pure PET with outer and necessary product model is changed. Mix through fuse-element cop feed makings piece, 3 fuse-element shedding are joined in broad sutural model head, and wherefrom enters a level in device of 3 roller burnish, this is the reliable tool of laminose production. Oneself of school paper-cover buy has two technologies window:
The first, this device is for the roller unoccupied place force of 1500N/cm design;
The 2nd, can adjust through motor when production roller is unoccupied place.
Beiersiduofu's PET board squeeze a product line to be able to be born
Yield ply is mixed to the film of 1.8 Mm from 100 Mm

   Flexibility and character are conclusive
Enter in sheet full automatic before machine of tower type reel-up, it should endure finishing and refrigeration inside the unit that provided all and delicate technology. They included to repair edge, ply to determine, silicon is changed and the layer closes, wh some of which is to ensure Cobelplast company satisfies them to make an appointment with 600 clients to be opposite the diverse demand place of slip agent and lamination is indispensable. The total productivity of new-style product line amounts to 1200 Kg/h, sheet is the largest width amounts to 1500 Mm, can realize 4 kinds to cut a width at the same time.
Attila Menghini emphasizes saying, thanks to had this kind of new-style product line, RPC Cobelplast company can offer in the light of respective need of the client custom-built quality now more the plank of promotion. Because dry He Jing turns measure and need not save energy cost,mix besides improvement in quality beyond, the handlers of product line still discovered the virtue that be as follows: Direct processing and online aftertreatment conduce to reduce a contact, reduced contaminative possibility thereby. Impeccable technology control can undertake checking to each craft parameter, the analysis can be completed when occurrence breakdown. Attila Menghini sums up: "This is meant more advantage are offerred for our client in service respect. "This is meant more advantage are offerred for our client in service respect..

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