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Kaolin is in agricultural the application in plastic film
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Kaolin already had very long history as a kind of additive that uses when plastic treatment. Because common kaolin absorbs adherent and many water share, in plastic treatment temperature issues meeting vaporization, size appears in causing plastic matrix not all hole, affect the mechanical performance of material. Because this is normally kaolin to calcine hind, purify water divides reuse. is not the temperature that controls simply in LOO~C next carbonadoing except moisture.
20 centuries 8 Bo Nian acting later period, our country begins to emphasize agricultural plastic film (agricultural canopy film and ground film) the function is changed, especially agricultural the function of canopy film is changed, pass namely add all sorts of organic or inorganic functional sex auxiliary. Rise agricultural of canopy film be able to bear or endure ageing ability, prolong service life, raise sex of its heat preservation, stimulative crop grows; The polarity that changes filmy face, restrain droplet form; And the blood orange light that will harmful to crop ultraviolet light or green smooth transition can use for photosynthesis, abbreviation is macrobian, tall heat preservation, prevent droplet and turn smooth 4 big functions. Produce firmly of the crop of functional melt into of farming film made enormous contribution with high yield, although functional film compares the price of common film to want tall 15 % above, but the reception that still gets broad farmer, because total investment yields,than making the farmer realizes the value of functional film.
Because understanding is had to kaolin,cut off the function of infra-red light. There is certain application on the military affairs. We undertook at the beginning of 90 time kaolin cuts off as infra-red light in farming film the research of the agent, obtain expect the result, the society of international polymer treatment that holds at was in Japanese Tokyo 1993 announced research result on academic seminar... . Study the result makes clear: Mix to calcine kaolin, mica steatitic use in plastic film, the cut offing that Dou Youming shows is infra-red smooth action, be helpful for rising plastic the heat preservation sex of big canopy. And the calcium carbonate that does not contain Si element does not have this one function.
Meanwhile, the development of kaolin of our country coal measures and applied research work form upsurge. Coal measures kaolin is the valuable resource of our country, its processing technique matures gradually, the application that waits for a domain in papermaking, coating is very successful also. In plastic in cliff of tall mountain of use coal measures smashs the product after to calcine, if 81 filling combine Shanxi Taiyuan,province of factory, Heibei makes the same score countryside county east wind company of the plastic equipment that pack, Henan saves aegis of capital of plastic plant, north anxious make the first plastic plant of city wait. Obtained delectable positive result. But taking one with another, coal measures kaolin is returned in the dosage in plastic industry not quite, fame is not noisy also, investigate its reason basically is technology and economy the element of this two respects. We keep abreast of in the use that develops coal measures kaolin the work that still needs to make a few fields into the process of plastic industry market. Ought to see agricultural the important category that plastic film is plastic products. Develop a product with the key that in the future will be our country plastic industry now. Also be the significant production data that boosts agricultural production. Our country is annual the canopy film that bad news uses amounts to 650 thousand tons of above, be in the 10th " Five-Year Plan " in, year of crop of plastic canopy film still will rise substantially, estimation can achieve a ton. Accordingly, only film of agricultural and plastic canopy uses infra-red light to cut off with respect to need agent more than 100000 tons, this is the application of kaolin of our country coal measures to look into a good market prospect undoubtedly.
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