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Model of small epispastic wood composite material
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Model of small epispastic wood composite material

Composite material has wooden model a series of excel lumber and plastic special function; Have the fabricating sex of woodiness exterior and similar lumber. But it is good that dimension stability should compare lumber, and suck small sex small, do not be afraid of bug eat by moth, won't produce break and warpage in that way like lumber; Have the processability with hot plastic plastic sex, but hardness comparing is plastic tall, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure ageing, anti-corrosive. The affiliation of all sorts of auxiliary can gift its are more and special function: If fight bacterium sex, anti-flammability, fight sex of strong acid alkali to wait. If join,colorant, laminating or compound surface layer can make the artistic product that has all sorts of colour and figure. What be worth to be carried particularly is, wooden model composite material not only treatment raw material can be used those who reclaim is useless plastic with useless lumber, its itself also can reclaim recycle, to reducing environmental pollution, sense of protective forest natural resources is great.

Through aeriform nucleus very will small swimming hole introduces the model of small epispastic wood that wooden model forms in composite material composite material is divided have afore-mentioned wooden model outside the advantage of composite material, the swimming hole structure with because data is inside good existence is OK passivation crackle is most advanced, those who prevent crackle is patulous; Can overcome general wood model effectively thereby composite material brittleness is big, extend gender and fight the defect with concussion low stress, and reduced the density of material, save raw material not only, and sound insulation, heat proof quality is better also. Building structural material, car interior trim, spaceflight, content flows. Gardens. The respect such as upholstery receives very wide application. At present model of small epispastic wood of composite material basically shape the method is to be squeezed continuously go out to shape and note model to shape law. Squeeze continuously piece shape because the law has treatment cycle is short. Crop big, efficiency is tall, shape craft is simple wait for an advantage, the method is machined with other in industrialized production (mould pressing shapes, inject shapes) the application with more comprehensive than having look. Can use at model of small epispastic wood at present composite material presses a shaping facility basically is extruder of sheet, double screw. The article summed up polyethylene (PE) / wooden fiber, polypropylene (PP) / wooden fiber, polystyrene (PS) / wooden fiber model of 4 kinds of small epispastic wood the research of composite material makes progress.

1, study a situation domestic and internationally

Because wooden fiber contains the luscious group such as many polarity hydroxyl and phenolic hydroxyl, the surface shows very strong polarity, as plastic as blame polarity consistence is poor, and easy bibulous, dispersive sex is poor. Join wooden fiber to composite material epispastic the effect that the physical machinery function that reachs final product will produce different rate. Because this domestic and international research is main,around improvement the element of epispastic degree and compose of bubble Kong Jie develops interfacial consistence and influence composite material.
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