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Polyamide modified technology makes progress
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Polyamide (PA) it is a project plastic in the history the longest, function relatively actor, crop the variety with the biggest, the widest application. Apply to electric equipment of car, electron, mechanical, motion and the industry such as recreational, daily expense consumable. PA breed is various, have PA6, PA66, PA11, PA12, PA46, PA610, PA1010, PA612 and the new breed PA6T that develop in last few years, PA9T, special nylon MXD6, among them PA6 and PA66 take dominant place, occupy the 80 % above of gross. Through changing an element structure, copolymerization is mixed add the performance that can improve PA intensifier, filler, auxiliary and other polymer.

The development of polyamide brand reachs its market
The development of polyamide brand
Compare with general and plastic photograph, the production with plastic project and consumption more center in the developed country, main production manufacturer is European BASF, bayer, rhodia, DSM, honeywell, the Du Pont of EMS-Chermie; United States, GE is plastic; Eaves ministry of Japan is promoted produce (UBE) , the company such as Xu Huacheng, Dong Li, among them many it is large petrifaction and chemical industry integrated company, have scale of production big, product performance is good, develop force to wait for a characteristic by force. Outside dividing manufacturer of afore-mentioned manufacturing PA resinous, still more is mixed through mix into (Compounding) the manufacturer home of modified, the shop sign that can provide surpasses these large companies far. It is early 10 years ago, the United States has 100 every year many for fundamental resinous with PA new name enters the market, the brand that can offer an alternative in North America is 1000 about.
Japanese eaves ministry is promoted producing industrial company is resinous of PA of a production large company. It is a development state of affairs that will see a shop sign with PA6, can offer 20 PA6 brand 1987, increased 1997 it is 29, include a level among them viscosity, general note model to wait for 6 standards brand with brand 1013B; Additionally still heat-resisting, heat-resisting and electric function, flame retardant, wear-resisting is brushed, fight 8 8 special brands such as concussion, softness, inorganic to enhance fine of 5 brand, Bo to enhance a name (Bo fine content is 20 % - 45 % ) , name of a filmy grade, a mix into mixes brand of the makings that use noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch; Still have 14 PA66 name, 6 copolymerization brand; PA12 brand is 23 by 9 development 1987, continue to new name is rolled out, need sue for peace in order to satisfy an user to extend the market.
Company of American Du Pont is the firm of omnibus large chemical industry with a powerful actual strength, already developed shop sign of a seriation, high-powered, special utility. It is with PA66 exemple, the shop sign that can provide now amounts to 33, include general brand the 9 foundations brand of 101, 5 exceed brand of nylon of pliable but strong, 1 pushs a brand, 10 Bo fine enhances a name (Bo fine content 13 % - 43 % ) , 5 inorganic fill and Bo fine enhance a name, 3 flame retardant brand, register different trademark, foundation and squeeze a brand to be Zytel, inorganic fill and Bo fine enhance a brand to be Minlon, flame retardant the brand is Zytel FR. Different name satisfies the requirement of different application component, if Zytel FR has FR10, FR50, FR60 3 brands, among them FR10 is did not enhance current name, UL94V-0 class, apply to make thin wall product, be like plug and join; FR50 enhances current name for fine of 25 % Bo, UL94V-0 and 5V class, heat is out of shape temperature is high, comfortable at doing electronic connector; FR60 enhances current name for inorganic, UL94V-0 and 5V class, tigidity is good, comfortable at making compressed product.
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