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Low cost is efficient extruder exhaust system
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Helix pump and pump of circumgyrate type force plunger are used increasingly at extruder exhaust. This kind of movement doing type, without the contact vavuum pump makes operation expenses is reduced greatly.
In the past, extruder exhaust uses water annulus vavuum pump, or it is oil seal, rotate pilot valve vavuum pump, but application of water annulus vavuum pump is more general. Some closer year come, vavuum pump of movement doing type is used increasingly at extruder exhaust. As a result of a variety of reasons, some manufacturer are not willing to use labour to pledge, as it happens of vavuum pump of movement doing type accords with their requirement. Labour is saved character came down, make operation expenses remarkable reduce.

Vacuum system designs a principle
Groovy vacuum system is to build on periodic design principle. The inspiratory side of vavuum pump contains segregator, shut-off valve, extrude side pledges of labour segregator. To water annulus vavuum pump, a simple cubage segregator is mixed with respect to fuse-element of dissociable carry secretly other is atomic, can protect tubal department and vavuum pump to not be damaged kill. And rotate situation of pilot valve vavuum pump is different, for detached condensation content and other particle, the likelihood should design multistage segregator before vavuum pump. Any segregator metropolis scale, jam, need to clear regularly. Depart is more complex, clear cost is higher.
From the point of the angle of the user, system of water annulus vacuum is better, because its design is simple. In principle of system of vavuum pump of movement doing type and system of water annulus vavuum pump are similar, what differ somewhat is inspiratory side segregator it is special depart at particle. Construction of system of this kind of vacuum is simple, filter fuse can change, this makes workload of care and maintenance falls lowermost limit. In extrude side, there are vavuum pumps of a variety of movement doing type to be able to be offerred on mart of technology of vavuum pump of large volume muffler choose. Because its uphold charge low, suffer an user to welcome without contact vavuum pump so. Pass frequency control, this kind of pump has technical advantage on speed control. The vavuum pump that already used in the past can adopt indirect pilot means and craft form a complete set.
Indirect control includes to be in have clutch on inspiratory cross section stream, take wind 2 times through blast tuyere, or it is 2 times wind controls side road. Normally, indirect control is carried out by jockey, and even with specific technology form a complete set, difficulty of means of this kind of adjusting control is great, in addition jockey still must watch inspiratory pressure situation closely.
And adjusting control of vavuum pump of movement doing type is simple, should pass transducer only simple adjusting control, adjustable on the inspiratory pressure that controls a demand. The value that gives plan can store in extruder control system.
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