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Chuck receives an installation
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Block dowel joint head

One, Chuck receives an overview

Chuck type pipe fittings divides composition by 3: Contact body, chuck, nut. Cover when chuck and nut after contact body is inserted on steel tube, come back when close nut, the side outside chuck front and joint of contact body cone, blade bites seamless steel tube equably inside, form effective and sealed. See a picture

2, Block those who cover contact to assemble

1, curium the seamless steel tube of next appropriate length, purify port burr. Steel tube end panel wants as perpendicular as axes, angle public errand is not more than 0.5 degrees. If steel tube needs to fold a turn, criterion steel tube end panel is spent to the linear end length that curves place cannot little the length at 3 times nut.
2, cover nut and chuck on seamless steel tube. Notice the way of nut and chuck, do not install turned over.
3, assembling the lube on the besmear on contact body whorl and chuck beforehand, insert steel tube contact body, (steel tube must be inserted after all) come back with the hand close nut.
4, screw nut till chuck blocks steel tube, this turning point can get through screwing the addition of pitching moment feels (pressure is nodded) .
5, after achieving pressure to nod, screw nut 1/2 is encircled again.
6, will assemble contact body to tear open beforehand below, examine the built-in case of chuck blade edge, visible protuberant belt must the space of cram chuck front. Chuck can rotate a little, but cannot axial is mobile.
7, final installation, nut of the lube on the whorl besmear of the contact body in will actual installation, impaction cooperates to twist to it screw to what can feel force adds till, screw 1/2 encircles installation to end again then.

Repeat installation
All chuck connect are OK for many times reshipment, but should make sure spare parts nondestructive is bad and clean.
1, steel tube till chuck sticks face of inner cone of back-to-back head body,insert contact body, screw with the hand nut.
2, screw with spanner nut, till screw pitching moment increases quickly, screw 1/4 is encircled to 1/2 again can.

Detachable next steel tube examinations assemble whether accord with the requirement: Chuck should have on the steel tube of upright ministry even slight and raised. Chuck cannot around is slip, but be patient of is slight and rotational.

Leak reason
1, steel tube was not inserted after all
2, nut did not screw
3, scratch of the surface outside steel tube or steel tube out of round.
4, steel tube is too hard.

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