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Hard canal pipeline is decorated
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What be in charge of pipeline forcedly is correct decorate

When installation decorates hard canal pipeline, should notice a few following:

1, steel tube length wants short, tubal diameter wants appropriate, velocity of flow is exorbitant meeting loss energy.

2, the two join between fixed dot, should avoid to be pulled closely, must have a loose curved share. If plan institute is shown, assemble and unassemble in order to facilitate, because heat up,also won't bilge cold shrink and cause pull stress badly.

3, the bent housing radius of steel tube should as far as possible big, its are the 2.5 times what bent housing radius is steel tube external diameter about smallest. Be in charge of upright place to answer put apart provides a part continuously, its are apart from the duple above that is height of pipe fittings nut. If plan institute is shown

4, the fatigue invalidation that the type of main be no longer in force of hard canal causes for mechanical vibration, because this is become when pipeline is longer, need the clip that tote a pipe to prop up, not only can amortize is oscillatory, still can reduce noise. In the pipeline that has bent housing, be in charge of paragraph of place to want to add clip of the canal that prop up to secure continuously in the two end of bent housing, when joining with tube, answer to carry the clip that tote a pipe to prop up in hard canal. If pursue,span tubal mix is recommended

5, 90 too much degrees are not used to curve steel tube when escape fraise, the fluid passes 90 degrees curve a canal pressure fall than passing two 45 degrees curve a canal big still. If pursue

6, when decorating pipeline, make pipeline is far from the part that needs to often be maintained as far as possible. If pursue

7, pipeline is arranged due foreword, orderly, facilitate search breakdown, maintain and maintain. If pursue

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