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International of the 9th Suzhou is plastic rubber industry exhibition
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Show a name: International of the 9th Suzhou is plastic rubber industry exhibition
Time: In March 2009 12- - 14 days (Zhou Si - Saturday)
Address: Suzhou international reads extensively center (lakefront of golden pheasant of area of Suzhou industry garden)
Support an unit: Federation of Chinese light industry
Sponsor an unit: Government of Suzhou city people
Undertake unit: Suzhou country China show limited company
Abroad assist do: Committee of allied Europe of chamber of commerce of Chinese United States, Europe is stationed in China medium and small businesses of industrial and commercial meeting, Germany combines delegacy, France commerce of orgnaization of government of committee of foreign trade of Joint Industry Conference of center of international trade of total meeting India, India, Italy, Japan revitalizes an orgnaization Shanghai represents Shanghai of association of trade of place, Korea to represent medium and small businesses of place, Malaysia)
The corresponding period holds: Spring of enterprise of 500 foreign capital purchases division of garden of 2009 Suzhou industry congress (detailed sees purchase business directory)
Official website: Media of Www.SIIE.com.cn government collaboration: Alibaba net

Postpone meeting introduction:
The industry upgrades, manufacturing industry strides to high end quickly
The town that manufacturing industry high speed develops - Suzhou serves as carry on the optimal choice that international manufacturing industry changes, the internationalization that becoming the whole world to have competition ability most stage by stage loads one of base of equipment manufacturing industry, had formed at present include equipment of tool of valve of component of component of pharmacy of electronic information, accurate machinery, biology, new material, aviation, car, pump, hardware, medical treatment, home appliance to make wait for bright characteristic industry of dominant of new and high technology, bound of more than 1000 extraction top class production enterprise gathers together Suzhou, become Suzhou rubber-plastic exhibit advantaged and purchase group of business main forces uniquely.

Wisdom chooses wisdom, professional service is professional
Will exhibit for years can draw 15 countries / the area exhibits a group, include province of Taiwan of Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, China, England and United States among them. The tycoon inside many course of study, include chemical industry and raw material supplier Basifu, live chemical industry of Sen Meifu of friendly chemistry, Du Bang, dust gram; Mechanical supplier if day of Hesiji, Kelaosimafei, sea, sea too, mould, Engeer, rich achieves shake hero, Masite wait for consistent choice SIIE as.
16 countries are abroad purchase army group to arrive at the spot, essence of life allows butt joint supply and demand to purchase, bend force is made purchase grand meeting
We are perfected and mature international sale network will invite at the appointed time many abroad the group that buy the home will look round exhibit meeting, include to come from Egypt, France, Germany, India, Iran, Indonesian, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippine, south Africa, Sweden, Thailand, England, Turkey, Vietnam to wait. Still have the electron that comes from long triangle area at the same time, pack, building materials, plastic guild also sends a delegate or form a delegation look around.
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