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MPCE Shanghai international is plastic container packs exhibition
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On April 8, 2009 - exhibition of agriculture of 10 days of Shanghai (Shanghai international farming exhibit a center)
8-10 April 2009 INTEX Shanghai

Exhibit meeting origanization construction
Sponsor an unit: Chinese environment science learns green to pack branch
The whole nation packs standardization technology committee
Plastic committee of technology of the cent that pack
Countrywide commodity packs information of science and technology to sign up for a center
Undertake unit: Shanghai Lang Ruihui exhibits service limited company
Official website: Www.china-slrq.cn

Plastic container new form builds new opportunity focusing international platform

Plastic container packs the main component that is the industry that pack, apply extensively at the liquid state such as food drink, petro-chemical, chemical preparation to pack an industry. In recent years, use the rapid development of the domain as plastic container terminal, plastic container demand with year the rate that increases 20% rises, for plastic container and plastic container production enterprise provided vast market space. Cooperate to strengthen the communication of plastic container company, patulous space of vaster plastic container market, advance plastic container development and progress, by Chinese environment science institutional green packs branch, win the bid assist committee of technology of cent of plastic container technology is sponsorred jointly, shanghai Lang Ruihui exhibits service limited company to undertake " 2009 Shanghai international is plastic container packs exhibition " with will be in Shanghai in April 2009 agricultural exhibition is held, the joint efforts that creates enterprise and relevant user unit through each equipment and good faith cooperate, make both sides of supply and demand optimal reveal communication to purchase platform.

Diversity audience group assure to extend business benefit
Since the plastic container exhibition that pack reachs 2009 Shanghai international to will enrol business April, already accumulative total is received come from beverage, wine kind, many 6000 of the 30 many industries such as edible oil, dressing, chemical industry, coating, pesticide, medicines and chemical reagents visiting information, as origanization construction the abidance of the job that enrol business is increased, with a classification to the audience, predicting audience will be achieved finally 15000 to 20000 person-time, powerful audience group is to join exhibit an enterprise to exhibit the biggest safeguard of the effect. Exhibit conference organizing committee to will organize plan to make both sides of supply and demand for you with the the highest norms, most large-scale, most perfect job optimal reveal communication to purchase platform, cordial welcome new old friend signs up eagerly attend.

Time and place
Cloth extends time: On April 6, 2009 - time of 7 days of exhibitions: On April 8, 2009 - 10 days
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