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Balata of power sea of the 3rd 2008 China is plastic industrial exposition
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Time: On September 3, 2008, 5 days of places: Power sea international exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: Government of people of power sea city undertakes unit: Power sea achieves power meeting to exhibit limited company
Qingdao Chinese wind shows limited company
Support an unit: Industry of industry of power sea city runs commission of trade of economy of power sea city the office
Office of Taiwan general affairs chamber of commerce of power sea Korea
Power sea city pays stimulative commission of China International trade meeting China International chamber of commerce power sea chamber of commerce

■ exhibit meeting setting
Power sea is a beauty and the littoral city that has development, already was judged to be one of towns that suit a person to live most by arrange of U.N. person house. Power sea is buckling the pulse of the times closely, develop in science, take the lead in expanding the forward position that goes up. One batch is approved builder and the person that do poineering work with dare be first, hardworking, get right on the job, casting the power sea spirit that constantly strive to become stronger, innovation does poineering work.
Power sea is located in Shandong peninsula most east upright, 3 annulus sea, lie between sea facies to look with Korea, Japan, it is China is apart from the city with the closest Korea. Power sea is in again " triangle of warden of ground of Sino-Japanese Han Yellow Sea " bridge tower position, special situation makes power sea had flexibility to change, the development space of diversity.
Power sea regards Shandong peninsula as one of cities of important economy center, at present base oneself upon is apart from Korea, Japan's closer area position, develop open dominant position, make base of advanced manufacturing industry with all one's strength. Spin medicine of dress, food tool of information of facility for transporting, electron, Electromechanical, gently 5 big industries group rising abruptly steadily, lead power sea manufacturing industry advance rapidly. Power sea city encourages high-tech content, high additional cost, tall treatment to spend, the development of project of extroversion manufacturing industry. Shandong triangle group is the company of world famous rubber that power sea rises abruptly. According to the program, the Electromechanical tool industry of power sea city group should build balata plastic machinery is made, woodworker is made, printing machine instrument is made, special device creates aviation area 4 large base. To 2010, electromechanical tool industry group sales revenue should achieve 100 billion yuan. The drawing near as the Olympic Games and hold, of 915 programs accelerate carry out, treatment of rubber industry and machine tool, metal already entered a large number of type selecting, acquire, the newer, crucial period that purchase, current exhibit meeting general to seize this one auspicious business chance actively. At the appointed time, we are sponsorred before just will organizing relevant enterprise and branch, will look around, undertake centralized purchasing.
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