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China (Shanghai) plastic second birth uses CMIE2008 industry exhibition
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CMIE2008 China (Shanghai) plastic second birth uses industrial exhibition
The corresponding period holds 2008 China (Shanghai) plastic second birth uses an industry to develop forum

The conference and exhibition ground nod: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center
Conference time: On July 28, 2008 - 29 days
Show time: On July 28, 2008 - 30 days

Sponsor an unit: Association of second birth of Chinese goods and materials
China crosses a country to purchase a center

Undertake unit: Shanghai spatio-temporal exhibition serves limited company
This graph gallon international can exhibit a service center

Assist run an unit: In Nanjing again plastic guild of Shanghai of limited company of science and technology
Korea (individual plant) company limited of Recytechkorea Japan meridian communication
Japan assist company limited of resource of environmental protection of Mu of peaceful of benefit of Japan of flourish industry company limited
Japan of new era company limited fills Japanese east start international limited company

Support an unit: Jiangsu of association of industry of national environmental protection saves renewable resources to reclaim use association
Japan builds university of cropland of early rice of wave university Japan
Korea of institute of natural resources of world of institute of resource of Beijing Normal University faithful south environmental technology develops a center
Consortium of a person of same business of industry of second birth of resource of area of Taiwan of association of industry of Shanghai environmental protection

Express gratitude unit: International reclaims flotsam of bureau BIR United States answers ISRI of association of knock off trade

One, market background
"915 " during, domain of second birth of resource of Chinese loop economy will obtain significant progress. 2008, throw those who wait for a respect to adjust as national industry policy, taxation policy, capital, drive huge, the healthy progress of industry of normative renewable resources and market.
As 2006-2008 year price of plastic raw material of international, home rises ceaselessly and maintain for a long time in higher-priced, the cost of plastic to home industry created huge pressure. Meanwhile the market demand of reworked plastics also is expanding ceaselessly, accordingly around how better raise renewable resources to reclaim utilization rate, raise renewable resources to reclaim value, production gives the high renewable resources that accords with high-grade and plastic need to become the heat that shows industry of level renewable resources and focal issue.
Be imported as global renewable resources and use big country, of all kinds useless old goods and materials reclaims enterprise many 5000, reclaim site 160 thousand, reclaim processing factory 3000 many, from personnel of course of study 140 much, have nearly 35 useless plastic distribution centre, many 1500 are engaged in abandoning metal, useless plastic import an enterprise with waste paper, the attention that commerce of Chinese renewable resources got each country travels together, also be the main field that Chinese government accelerates development loop economy.
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