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2008 Suzhou international is plastic machinery and plastic industry exhibition
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Time: In May 2008 29-31 day
Place: Suzhou is new and high international exhibition center
Sponsor an unit: Chinese mechanical guild
Undertake unit: Shanghai loves rich to show service limited company
TEL: 0512-66670619 FAX:0512-66671070
Contact: Mobile phone of Mr Yang Tao: 13914008762

Supportive unit (the rank does not divide early or late) :
Association of plastic machine of city of harbor of Zhang Jia of guild of Suzhou city plastic chemical industry
Association of plastic machine of city of peaceful wave of guild of Suzhou city plastic chemical industry
City of mould of new and high international develops Suzhou of division of test of industry of Jiangsu province mould limited company
Suzhou high new developed area is in charge of appoint area of garden of meeting Suzhou industry is in charge of appoint meeting

Exhibit meeting purpose and sense
Suzhou city is located in one of areas that Chinese plastic industry developeds most to grow trigonometry area. Special situation, make Suzhou becomes international to cross the main area that the tycoon invests the country.
Suzhou GDP and in successive years of foreign capital amplitude rank the cogongrass before the whole nation, add fast area of triangle of row the Yangtse River first of 15 cities, gross value of industrial output is next to Shanghai, become the throughout the country base of the 2nd big industry.
Come from the data of concerned branch, 500 strong companies held Suzhou the industrial production value of garden area, exit is achieved collect the half of country that wait, formed manufacturing industry and service line of business heat of two large investment board piece.
The development of relevant industry, attracted the development of industry of many form a complete set. Be in as plastic spare parts electron / the application of the domain such as the car is ceaseless grow in quantity, suzhou city becomes the center that magnate of world plastic trade invests likewise. Include to invest an enterprise to be like group of card of BASF of company of German Ba Sifu, royal carapace with plastic industry among them (Holand) Fuji of Royal Duch / Shell Group, Japan connects Fujitsu Group, japan, Japan lives Sumitomo Corporation of friendly company limited, 3 water chestnut of Mitsui of company limited of products of Asahi Kasei Corporation of Xu Huacheng company limited of Japan, Japan, Mitsui, Japan the 500 strong tycoons of world such as company of BP of Duphon of Du Bang company of De Erfu Delphi of company limited, United States, United States, England.
Now, again the enterprise with a batch of influential industry invests Suzhou area, if RTP, Shengmodi, day goes adhesive plaster of Sha of automation, heart, Korea but the factory put into production such as grand chemical industry or be about to put into production.
Suzhou is plastic 2008 reach plastic industry to predict production value of the industry that finish will achieve eighty-eight billion five hundred and four million yuan, consumptive quality and class rise further, in May 2008 29, 31 days, 08 year " plastic machinery and plastic industry exhibition " appear on Su Cheng, increase the promotion strength of medium, high-grade equipment, be sure to cause the widespread attention of industry, professional personage can be passed inside numerous industry this second exhibit meeting testimony to arrive annulus too the flying development that lake economy encircles plastic industry change quickly. A more more complete, capacious international exhibits commerce platform be vividly portrayed! ! !
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