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Plastic rubber industry exhibits 2008 Anhui international
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Support an unit: Government of people of the Anhui province of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference
Sponsor an unit:   of association of industry of machinery of the Anhui province of Economic Commission of the Anhui province
Assist run an unit: Shandong saves Jiangsu of machinist trade association to save mechanical Joint Industry Conference
Zhejiang saves guild of machinery of Fujian Province of mechanical Joint Industry Conference
Industry of Hunan Province machinery manages office Jiangxi to save mechanical industry to run the office
Hubei saves mechanical automobile industry to invest association of industry of petrifaction of stimulative center the Anhui province
Association of metallurgical industry of the Anhui province of association of light industry of the Anhui province
Association of industry of building materials of the Anhui province of association of textile industry of the Anhui province
Undertake unit: Good rich of Anhui of association of industry of machinery of the Anhui province shows limited company

"Industry is saved by force " vigor is infinite the market is broad
Development of government of the Anhui province was advanced 2007 " industry is saved by force " the strategy is carried out, "The strength that cites complete province develops industry, in advancing industrialized process quickly implementation do all one can rises abruptly " . Making " a certain number of opinions that government of people of the Anhui province admits about accelerating me to save equipment manufacturing industry " reach " the decision that omits the strategy by force about carrying out industry in the round " middle finger goes out: "915 " during, save dimensions to invest 150 billion yuan of above in order to make up equipment manufacturing industry is added newly completely, cultivate equipment manufacturing industry become pair of my province industry to develop contribution the biggest pillar industry; 2020, I save industrialized rate to want to achieve or exceed countrywide average level, among them the proportion that manufacturing industry takes industry achieves 85% above. The key makes the equipment such as the Huaihe River of river of Hefei, edge, edge make industrial tape, build a batch of productivity and technical level to achieve home precedes or the advanced level, equipment manufacturing industry that has stronger competition ability focuses the land.
Hefei of provincial capital of the Anhui province reachs the industry of 3 big pillar such as project machine, electrical engineering electric equipment, chemical industry and new-style building materials to be the representing's manufacturing industry to rising abruptly quickly with the car. Among them thing of electric equipment of forklift of car of car of river the Huaihe River, An Kai passenger car, prosperous river, join forces, beautiful water chestnut, flourish amounts to Er of electric equipment, sea course of study of model of wind of electric equipment of power of electric equipment of electric equipment, long rainbow, division, country, beautiful connects tire, day to establish large quantities of famous brand such as grab. This synthetic industry city that gives priority to in order to make treatment trade and city of lake of overgrown with weeds are certainly by Department of Commerce along with all the others mid 6 provinces first " move of improvement trade gradient carries on mainly the ground " .
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