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2008 China
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And exhibition of the plastic industry that pack
Time: On April 26, 2008 - 28 days
Place: Store of Shandong Linyi international can exhibit a center
Sponsor an unit: Cooperative media:
Government of Linyi city people
Wind of assemble of stimulative commissioner of trade of economy of Linyi city international is plastic purchase a directory
International of association of Linyi city plastic industry is plastic market conditions
Shandong saves plastic industry association
Chinese plastic mechanically-laid web
Support an unit: " plastic mart "
Plastic net of China of Inc. of shake powerful group
Sea nature is plastic and mechanical Linyi agency " plastic market conditions "
Linyi is long promote China of plastic and mechanical limited company to note model machine network
Shandong country sharp edge network of plastic dealer of China of plastic and mechanical limited company
Jinan Dong Hua is plastic and mechanical information of live abroad of limited company emperor
Linyi star is plastic and mechanical limited company is contemporary and plastic
Linyi energy division is plastic and rigid limited company international is plastic
Jiangsu Changzhou dragon contains mechanical limited company plastic industry
Project of trade of labour of Linyi Long Hua is plastic application
City of Lu Na chemical industry
Hua Dong is plastic the market

Undertake unit:
Jinan constant exhibits exhibition limited company
Linyi city is located in Shandong to visit southeast department, it is one of 3 big cities that urban population waits for to exceed 10 million in the whole nation, also be Shandong province area the city with the biggest, most population. Linyi city or Shandong visit important trade center, whole town clinchs a deal the forehead the commodity of 100 million yuan of above trades the market has 36, the year's harvest pays the specified amount 36.2 billion yuan. The whole nation ranks in market of 10 old industrial product 3, preliminary center of the stream of people with formed Lu Dongna area serious, content shedding, capital shedding, iformation flow. The cohesive affinity that Linyi regards Lunasu as boreal center city, radiant emitance, belt motivation and development vigor promote greatly, become rash, revive, the commodity distribution centre with the largest area of comfort, Anhui.
Industry of whole town plastic chemical industry passes development of ten years, expand ceaselessly, plastic mart has whole town chemical industry nearly 1000 business door, traded 2006 the forehead 10 billion yuan, the platoon is saved completely the first, house whole nation the 3rd, the sale covers the throughout the country, cooperative supplier comes from the United States, flower, about a hundred the 50 many countries such as law, heart, day, enterprise. Linyi exert oneself bred dress of industry of mechanical, building materials, food, timber, medicine, chemical industry, spin industry of 7 big pillar, took relevant " 9 big industry produce base " . The economy that counted an industrial catenary to support 3 ground city jointly " back " . Linyi is devoting oneself to to make " big Linyi, new Linyi " , make " Lu Na manufacturing industry is strong city " , construction has international famous the new Eurasia bridge that economy of Bohai Sea of spent join long triangle, annulus encircles is Oriental bridge tower is especially big central city!
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