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International of accept of the 13rd heart is plastic reach exhibition of the ind
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On April 11, 2008, 13 days
Conference of new international of Chengdu century city exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference
Government of people of the Chengdu City

Undertake unit: Sichuan saves plastic industry association
Chengdu heart accept shows limited company
Assist run an unit: Association of industry of Chinese plastic machinery
Association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment
Sichuan saves mould industry association
Ning Bo is plastic and mechanical association

All previous experience exhibits can successful assurance
Experienced the past 12 ceaseless progress and grow, exhibit ceaseless promotion can get on dimensions and effect, also got business is mixed joining exhibiting gradually of visiting client approbate and support. As exhibit of the meeting undertake unit, company of exhibition of Chengdu heart accept also is being gone to an experience that an a lot of successes sum up in postponing the preparatory process of the meeting, accepted the precious proposal of a lot of clients actively also. These experience and proposal will conduce to make more outstanding exhibit meeting.
New window extends can successful power
Be in current in postponing the preparatory process of the meeting, the organization that pays attention to buyer's market more works, continue to carry out the effect to do the sex of diversity kimono Wu that exhibits concept; to pay attention to propagandist form at the same time standardly, make preparations exhibit meeting information periodical, communicate in time on one hand extend meeting progress case, on the other hand open up only edition is free for the industry famous manufacturer reveals company image and product; to be organized through association western plastic industry party, for the industry the communication inside and communication offer platform; to combine southwest of goods and materials of Chinese arms industry enterprise of bibcock of two ground manufacturing industry runs the plain change such as group of industry of aircraft of limited company of group of fluid of limited company of group of company, long rainbow, 5 grain, Chengdu, Jia Ling group, Chang'an group, ensure exhibit the class of the meeting and effect.
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