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The 6th grew trigonometry 2008 (fine promote) exhibition of machinist estate equ
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Time: On May 16, 2008, 18 days
Place: Fine start an international exhibition center

Approve an unit: Fine government of the people that start city
Sponsor an unit: Fine commission of trade of the economy that start city
Synergic unit: Each county (city, area) classics trade bureau fine guild of the mould that start city
Fine guild of the electric power that start city fine chamber of commerce of a person of same business of fastener of sea salt of society of project of the machinery that start city
Fine chamber of commerce of the Wen Zhou that start city fine chamber of commerce of the Le Qing that start city (the rank is not divided early or late)
Constituent plan: Shanghai Zhuo Ya shows limited company
Website: Net of tool of Chinese machine tool: Www.chinamachinetools.com
Chinese plastic mechanically-laid web: Www.plasticmachine.com

◆ advantage of 8 large area
The hardware with Hua Dong the largest area is plastic fittings distribution centre, the base of the production that pack with the largest north of short for Zhejiang Province,- - fine promote • Yu Xin
The car component with Hua Dong the largest area produces base,- - fine promote • show continent area
Top of the throughout the country's biggest standard component, a thousand pieces of gold produces base -- fine promote • sea salt
The countryside of the whole nation's famed button -- fine promote big Shun of • of • fine be apt to (countrywide average per capita 10, the market is had lead 55 % )
The throughout the country's biggest metal trades the market has 2310 metal to process a business,- - fine promote Tao Zhuang of • of • fine be apt to
The throughout the country's biggest bearing produces base -- fine encourage • fine kind
The throughout the country's biggest baby carrier produces base -- fine promote • to make the same score lake new warehouse (produce per year a quantity many 450, occupy 1/5 of share of market of domestic baby carrier)
Long triangle base of shipbuilding of 3 old inland river---• of new Dai of smooth lake of • of village of Yao of fine be apt to alone mountain port area (year shipbuilding ability 500 thousand carring capacity ton, production value 3 billion yuan)

◆ comprehensive strength
" Chinese city competition ability reports " fine promote equipment manufacturing industry to rank the 28th in countrywide competition ability. Fine the traffic traffic condition that allows advantage, advantageous investment climate, low carriage cost, production cost, attract domestic and international numerous well-known company, the first enterprise that like the world overseas of company limited of faithful bolus red iron and steel invests 500 strong Japanese Yi canes " Gong Zhong essence is versed in " , the day that invests 29.8 million dollar endowment enterprise " the East China Sea is rubber-plastic " , day stands boiler, add up to Kesasi essence of life; The Taiwan that always invests the project of special type metal of 100 million dollar is lucky on enterprise of group, stage endowment one, 100 million select, machinery of abundant of 100 million Jin, mound, Li Chi, Dongming source of industrial, bless is plastic industry, world's greatest fastener is produced; The Han that invests 280 million dollar endowment enterprise " Han Tai tire " , big standing grain produces machine and beautiful steel to be filled mould, newly rubber-plastic; Rich starts group of hero of shake of line of shade of Oriental steel of model machine, Hong Kong, Hong Kong; German Klaus machine of model of • Ma humble... already established factory or branch in fine build
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