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Exhibition of equipment of machinery of the 9th 2008 China International
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Time: On June 5, 2008 - place of 8 days of   : Center of Beijing · China International exhibition
Sponsor an unit: Chinese Beijing machinist Cheng learns
Association of Chinese Beijing mould
Chinese mechanical and electrical products is current association
Chinese science and technology invests limited company

Undertake unit: International of Beijing ocean Tengda shows limited company
Assist run an unit: Beijing machinist Cheng learns
Heat treatment branch
Stock carries branch
Solder branch
Report machines branch
Cast branch
Dynamical project branch
Industrial furnace branch

Beijing is center of communication of trade of our country politics, economy, culture, finance, international, it is the window that our country opens to the outside world, join WTO as China, 2008 of Beijing Olympic Games be about to hold, very much world firm aims at broad Chinese market already, this historic opportunity promoted the high speed development of economy of our country countryman. Accompanying the development of market economy, the market also got Beijing and the circumjacent mechanical equipment of the area develop at full speed, technology and leap of equipment market demand, beijing will form the throughout the country's biggest market undoubtedly.
To promote the development of our country mechanical industry better, by Chinese Beijing machinist the 9th association of mould of Beijing of Cheng society, China 2008 China International that sponsor jointly are mechanical equipment exhibition will on June 2, 2008 - be in our country 6 days capital- - Beijing (China International exhibits a center) pull open heavy curtain, current exhibiting meeting general is international machine tool is exhibited history on another dimensions is exhibited grandly meeting, we will be in charge of a branch to cooperate cheek by jowl with more and relevant association and government, current exhibit can have done, exhibit the enterprise that waits for origin country and area from the United States, England, Germany, Australia, Italy, Korea, Canada, Spain, Holand, Norway, Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan is returned to reveal them during the meeting the industry is here medium. Greeting ginseng is exhibited, look around.

● conference program

Report for duty cloth exhibits: On June 3, 2008 - 4 days (9: 00-17: 00)
Exhibition: On June 5, 2008 - 7 days (9: 00-16: 30)

Ginseng extend range

The metal machines machinery: Machinery of the non-traditional machine tool such as treatment of metallic cutting machine tool, report and laser, v, cast the machinery, plane shear, machine that fold a turn, pipe bender, strong cut machine, compressor, machining center, flexible make and flexible bed of equipment of polish of production system, metal, rinsing equipment, milling machine, evade, ;
General and mechanical: Equipment of compressor of electric machinery, air, fan, centrifugal, pump, valve, empty cent, vacuum equipment;
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