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Rapid growth in domestic sales of plastics machinery
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China Plastic Machinery has become the traditional mechanical manufacturing one of the fastest growing industries, the annual demand increase. China's plastics machinery industry due to the rapid development of the following factors: First, the domestic plastic processing industry, the rapid development of strong demand for plastic machinery; the second is the demand for high-tech equipment, upgrading of equipment brought out and obsolete equipment. Census figures show, growth in production of plastic products, plastic machinery led to sales growth. China is the world's largest producer of plastics machinery, but the export value over the years has been the value of total sales accounted for only 5% to 10%, which is a large plastics machinery exports to countries such as Italy, compared to 50% of its GDP, it is very disproportionate . According to the present production capacity of plastic machinery and export potential to increase the export should be our basic way of further development. We must take full advantage of the opportunities brought by WTO, efforts to create conditions to increase exports, to expand China's plastics machinery industry for development.